Quiet week

Last week was a very quite week……….. school wise!

Two of us in the house have come down with a sinus infection.


This is what we feel like.  I have a Netty Pot but just can’t bring myself to use it. I also have essential oils and need to break them out and start using them.

If you are new to oils or have trouble figuring out what to use for what this is a great site, Essential Everything.

I use DoTerra Oils and love them!


Last week ended on us busting out the legos and doing some math and then having a creative jam on the living room rug.

This week looks like this for us:

Language Arts: Writing a Research Paper, Outlines, Prefixes, and Roots

Math: Adding Mixed Numbers, Subtracting Mixed Numbers, and Multiplying Fractions

Science: Fungi Kingdom, Protist Kingdom, Prokarayotes, and Taxonomy

Social Studies: Michigan Florida, John Brown & States’ Rights & Secession, Lincoln Elected, Fort Sumter, War Begins, Robert E. Lee & Confederacy

Reading: Finish Celia, A Slave and start Will at the Battle of Gettysburg

Spanish: Continue learning about people and greetings

We need to work a bit more to get caught up to where we need to be before the extra week off.


Lastly, I spent an hour Friday chalking this into creation! We have a split foyer and when you walk in if you look down the steps, this is what you see. I love it, I even hair sprayed it to keep it safe.

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes!



Mother Russia


We did a  small a small Social Studies unit on Russia last week. Did you know there is actually a statue called Mother Russia? I posted it above.

Our study was on Ivan the Terrible, Ivan the Great, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great.

Monster child did agree that Ivan the Terrible was pretty bad but he didn’t think Ivan the Great was that great either.

We did another lapbook on Russia and I made him do most of the work. There was no real templates for this so we made up our own.


I had to explain why they had two flags and why there was two founded dates. That was very confusing to him.

This week we start Japan!

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes!


The Tudors


No, I am not talking about the tv show The Tudors. Although he is very nice to look at! I am talking about the real people in history, the people that helped form that country.

We did our first lapbook for the Tudors. If you have never done a lapbook and are a bit scared……. don’t be! This was easy, it took about an hour, and Monster Child got a lot out of it.

What is a lapbook? A lapbook is an inexpensive portfolio or collection of mini-books, flaps, and folded display material,
that provides interactive space for drawings, stories, graphs, graphics, timelines, and written work from any topic, unit study, book you choose. It is usually gathered, glued, and creatively displayed in a colored standard sized cardboard folder, often folded in a “shutter-fold”  that fits in your lap.

You can find tons for free lapbooks on the internet or you can piece together your own. I have found that this site has a lot of reources for lapbooking.

We did our Tudor lapbook and got out template from Practical Pages. She had one of the best Tudor lapbooks I could find.



This is the outside of our Tudor lapbook.


Here is the inside and yes I did the cutting. While Monster Child’s had writing is improving….. his cutting skills are than to be desired.

While writing facts about the different Tudors we got to Elizabeth I and he wrote down Virgin Queen.

He writes the word virgin and then tells me “I know what that means…..”
Me: “Oh yeah, what?”
Him: “It means she is not married. ”
Me: “Ok, kind of it……. it means she is not having sex. “
Him: “Yeah mom, that means she isn’t married.”

Ok, I will take that.

Monster Child was extremely excited about this and each family member got their own private lesson from him about the Tudors.  Somehow this lead to a discussion about lances which in turn lead us to watching A Knight’s Tale. Which is a great movie and to a great line that Monster Child repeats several time a day to me.


Peace, Love, & Cupcakes


Just keep reading….

This kid loves to read and I think picking The Little Prince as our first book was a great choice. He is loving it and he is engaging me with conversation about the book.


Today in math we worked on our multiplication tables again. We still need to memorize them, it will make life easier later.  We also worked on reading a thermometer in Celsius and Fahrenheit,  this always counts as part of our science for the day. In math we also worked on number sense and did some research on the number billion.
Did you know it would take about 50 years to count to a billion?
A billion seconds ago was 1983, a billion minutes ago was 113 AD,  and a billion hours ago would put us 114,079 BC.
Do you know what a googol is? How about a googolplex? We do!!!


He had so much fun learning about similes and metaphors today. He was acting most of the ones he made up out.
The thunder growled like a cat.
The ocean sang like a whale.
The giraffe fell like a brick to the lion.

I think he did pretty good!

Our paper mache is still drying and will work on that tomorrow.


In social studies we worked on our map skills and I found out he can’t recognize the 7 continents. We will have to work on that.


We also made a cake and put our math skills to good use as I am a baker and bake in weights and not cups.  Had to figure out how much 20 ounces was in pounds.


We also did some life skills and made dinner for tonight and did some cleaning.

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