But baby it’s cold outside




I really can’t stay. But baby it’s cold outside. I’ve got to go way. Whoa, but it’s cold outside. This evening has been, In hopin that you’d drop in, So very nice. I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice


oh cos it’s…  cold outside.

It is freezing outside! Absolutely FREEZING! Heck even my chickens want nothing to do with coming out of the run or the coop.


Fresh Eggs? If we can get to them in the 20 minutes it takes them to freeze solid and start to crack.

I admit that I pushed Humpty Dumpty, I let the dogs out, and I am the fool always praying for a blizzard. But I like my cold in the positive numbers and more in the 20s. If it has to be this cold I like snow on the ground. I like a nice warm fire, but we have no fireplace and sitting out in these temps around the fire pit is not an option.

Yesterday we baked in an effort to help keep the house warm.  And boy did we bake!


Love the smell of chocolate baking in the morning!


Some Apple Pie Cupcakes and some chocolate hazelnut cupcakes.


Some cupcakes for a customer, his company packages and distributes the hazelnut spread that I use.


Made my new Valentine’s Day cupcake for kids. It is called a warm fuzzy and it has bubblegum flavored icing and white chocolate.

We even made a natural yeast starter for part of science and math. He also helped me convert a bunch of recipes and learned that 8oz doesn’t always mean a cup!


B-man: is yeast a living thing?
Me: Yes, sir!
B-man: I will look it up to see what classification it is in……. it is a fungi! We eat fungi!!!
Me: Afraid so
B-man: Fungi tastes good!!!! We shall call the starter Francis Bobbio
Me: Wonderful

Here is how you start the Natural Yeast Starter: (The numbers are the days)

  1. 5oz organic whole-wheat flour & 5oz water; stir together and ferment overnight at room temp.
  2. 5oz starter from day one, 5oz organic whole-wheat flour, and 5oz water; discard 5oz of the starter add remaining 5oz of starter to the flour and water and mix to incorporate. Ferment overnight at room temp.

I will give you the rest of the instructions tomorrow for day three!


I found some interesting learning material since most of the nation is stuck in this cold weather pattern.

NOAA has this webpage about changing seasons

KidsHealth has this one on Cold, Ice, and Snow Safety

CalTech has this webpage on a Guide to Snowflakes

USGS has put out this on the Water Cycle

NOAA has a site called SciJinks and has this on Why do we have Seasons?

We found this PDF on how to become a Weather Wizard

NOAA puts out this Winter Storms pdf

NASA has Climate Kids and has good links too

Frozen snowflake patterns

Lego snowflakes

Make a snowflake

If you are suffering through this frigid cold weather might as well make it a hands on learning experience.

Found this quote and this is where I leave you today:

If snowflakes were kisses, I would send you a blizzard!


Peace, Love, and Cupcakes!




Cleaning Day


Day 9 at LWSP is Cleaning Day

I like cleaning on Mondays, makes it feel like the rest of my week is set and I can do other projects. Now my house did not get dirty overnight so it will not get clean over night.

Now a few weeks ago I start with this list and I did a room each day. I have worked up to the point where I can knock out all the rooms in one day.


I have two of these caddys, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. It has most everything I need to clean with. I am ready to clean!

2014-03-10 10.23.21

I start with the kitchen and dining room, since they are both the same thing. I then move to the bathroom and spray down the shower and sinks and I walk away. I clean my tubs with  a home-made mix of vinegar and Dawn” IT WORKS GREAT…1/2 cup vinegar bring to boil in microwave, add 1/2 cup dawn, put on spray bottle and spray tub and sink, let soak 30 mins, wipe clean. You need to make sure you have your vent going, the fumes are strong!

I go back and do my living room, I consider my upstairs hall and entry way part of the living room. I have mostly hardwood floors and get the vacuum out at the end and leave it in the kid’s rooms so they get the hint!

I go back to the bathroom and I finish up. I have found a trick that works for keeping toothpaste off the sink. Car Wax!! Polish faucets, sinks, tile, even shower doors with Turtle Wax, which leaves behind a protective barrier against water and soap buildup, so your hard-earned sparkle will last past the next tooth-brushing.

I tackle the deep cleaning things like wash the rugs and I fluff the pillows (or wash them). I am actually allergic to my dogs and I do this once a week to keep the dander down.

Now for the things like. Dust Ceiling Fans and Clean Baseboards, I have commissionable jobs I pay the kids for and those are on that list. This is something we started today. We are doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and he says kids need to paid for doing things above their normal chores. I decided to pick the things that are time-consuming and easy enough for them to do.

I had this board just doing nothing on the inside of the closet. I remounted it on the outside of the door. It sits in between the younger two kid’s bedroom.

2014-03-10 12.32.12

I made the sign on WordPress, printed it off and laminated it. This has the basic rules on it. You have to do your “Everyday” chores first. Mom and Dad are the “Bosses”. You must get your work checked before you can get your cash!

2014-03-10 12.33.26

I found the help wanted tags here. I printed them off, wrote them out, and laminated them.

2014-03-10 13.59.53

I hung them up with paperclips and the amount each is worth behind it.

2014-03-10 13.59.56

I made the rules and posted them.

2014-03-10 13.45.47

There are additional rules, like you can only do 5 until Thursday. Give both parties and chance to earn extra money. After Thursdays any left money is free game.

2014-03-10 13.59.45

I also found out that since staying home I have had more people trying to sell me things at my door. I found this and laminated it and posted it in my window by the front door.

2014-03-10 14.51.51

My day is done! Have a blessed day everyone!

~Peace, Love, & Cupcakes!

Summer House Rules!

I tried to be nice, really I did but you have forced my hand!


  1. No TV, XBOX, Wii, movies, playing, or leaving the house until your chores off the list are done.
  2. If you are Chihuahua patrol and the animal poops in the house, you get the patrol for the rest of the week. Keeping said animals in cage all the time doesn’t count as patrol time.
  3. Dogs need to be out of their cages a minimum of 6 hours a day, if not more.
  4. One hour of leaving mom alone to do homework will be observed everyday.
  5. Your bed will be made everyday.
  6. Sunscreen is needed when outside. Off will be worn when in backyards.
  7. Curfew will be 11pm for 17yr. olds.
  8. Bedtime will be extended until 9:30pm.
  9. You will not sleep all day, 10am is go time.
  10. Dishes will be done everyday.
  11. 17 yr. old boy will not hang out with girlfriend EVERYDAY!
  12. 17 yr. old boy will not spend night at friend house without 6 hours notice.

Rules can be added to or modified at mom or dad leisure. These rules will be in effect along with regular house rules until we say so.

We are not amuzed with your current behavior.

Thank you,

The Parental Units

Don’t call it a comeback….

I call it WAR!

The lines have been drawn and the sides have been choosen.

The Adults vs. Spawn Children. And I must say that the adults are outnumbered 3-2!

God grant me wisdom to know what to do, control to keep my cool, and the capacity to understand, cause if i pray for strength I’ll rip their freaking head off!

I think Pat Benatar said it best:

We are young
Heartache to heartache we stand
No promises, no demands
Love is a battlefield

I spent the better part of Monday cleaning the upstairs. Cleaned the kitchen and living room. It was awesome! I than dismantled the bathroom to strip the wallpaper and started painting. I made very little mess.

The 17 yr. old spent all day yesterday painting his room with his girlfriend and cleaning it. (By the way, NEVER befriend your son’s girlfriend on Facebook. BAD IDEA!) Today the room has a new color scheme but it still looks a mess. There are things out in the hall, things in corners, and he needs to back the things he got out in the big room. Not to mention I finished cleaning out his paint supplies, properly.

The 11yr spent the day at a friend’s house. She left Sunday at about 10am and didn’t return until 7pm Monday. I told her she could not be there all day.

The 6 yr.  just leaves a wake of chaos in his wake everywhere he goes. Playdough on the kitchen carpet and table. Breakfast dishes still at the table. Pee all over the toliet and I do mean ALL over!

I have just had my last nerve pulled.WARNING! WARNING! DETONATING IN 10…9..8..7.6..5..4..3..2..

Today, I watched a few show in my room to let the kids watch cartoons upstairs. I come upstairs and there is a HUGE kool-aid spill all over the counter. Dishes everywhere. The kitchen table a wreck. Dog poop in the kitchen. Green furry crap all over the living room floor. And where are the children?

Oldest is in his room playing on the computer. Middle child is sitting in the midest of everything not paying attention. The youngest is downstairs playing xbox.

I am feeling like a door mat, welcoming to everyone but always walked all over!!!

I asked who spilt the kool-aid, I am thinking this was my last straw, and NO ONE took responsibility.

NO MORE! They are all grounded until someone admitts to the spill. They can be grounded for hte day or all summer. makes no difference to me. They have nice rooms and nice toys. They can stay there.

I am about to go all crazy white chick on you . . . back off

I am reclaiming my house!  It is mine and the children will wage war, no doubt, but the victory will be mine!

 Today is brought to you by the letter W, T and F.

Stupid Crack

Every morning for the last week or so the darn yellow ball slips into my room via a crack in my curtains.
No matter what I do the sun slips in. It wakes me from my peaceful slumber in a very rude manner.
How do I make it go away? Can we turn off the sun or delay it for a few hours?
This what I see every flipping morning and it is bright!

Refresher Course

 Our house rules!

  1. We all live in the house we all help with the household chores.  No one get money for chores.
  2. Whoever makes it, gets to flush it.
  3. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie.
  4. Don’t put the playground rock up your nose, the average 4 yr old can hold somewhere in the ball park of 13  rocks up there before one has to take one to doctor’s office for removal, it has been tested and we don’t need a repeat.
  5. No talking or TV watching at the breakfast table, it is hard enough to get them going in the morning.
  6. Children eat meals at the kitchen table.
  7. You must have a glass of water at dinner first than you can have kool-aid.
  8. If you don’t eat your dinner than it will be wrapped and will be waiting for you in the fridge and nothing else will be had until the plate is clean, that night.
  9. Talking and touching of bodily functions and parts is only to be done in the bathroom, this is thanks to Bradley.
  10. The f-word and the s-word are only allowed only if you bring mom or dad $250,000 first in hard cold cash, live on your own, are a movie star, or a rock star.
  11. The watching of violent and scary movies is permitted after a 3 page essay on the topic of the movie.
  12. The car is a mandatory shoe-wearing zone.  Flip-flops are not allowed at the park.
  13. Singing is allowed in the tub, car, outside, and in one’s own bedroom.
  14. Knock before entering shut doors AND wait for a response before entering.  No sabotaging of sibling belongs while they are away from house or room.
  15. If you lock mom in a room for 45 minutes and go and turn the volume up on the TV so you can’t hear her, you better be prepared to face the consequences and better be able to stay an arms length away from her for 3 days.
  16. If you put a basketball in the dryer without mom knowing it and she doesn’t see it and starts the dryer and said basketball explodes and makes mom freak out you had better be conducting a science experiment.  If said dryer stops working you will be explaining to dad why we have to buy a new dryer.
  17. Bubble Gum, Silly Putty, and Baby Powder should NEVER EVER be in the same room as the hair dryer.
  18. Dog leashes, Elmo and 4yr old boys are prohibited from the ceiling fans.
  19. When using paint ball, bee bee, or soft shell guns outside and practice shooting NEVER aim your gun at the house, your siblings, or the dogs.  The chickens next door are ok.
  20. The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet is bodily functions; toy size Tupperware cups will not make it past the U bend.
  21. Bleach is to be handled and used ONLY by people who can drive a car.
  22. Play Dough is not allowed to be played with within 30 feet of the microwave or used in the same sentence together ever again.
  23. Play Dough is only allowed with a tarp under the table and adult supervision.
  24. Garbage bags are for trash, not parachutes.
  25. Always look in the oven before turning it on and plastic toys and ovens should NEVER be combined.
  26. The roof is OFF LIMITS to anyone under 6 feet tall.
  27. If mom is in the bath with the door locked leave her alone unless there is a fire truck with lights flashing outside the house, a family member is spouting blood, or dad is knocked out and no don’t hit your father to knock him out.
  28. If you leave an empty roll of toilet paper on the holder you will do the dishes for the next 3 days.
  29. If the phone rings and you know the number, answer it.
  30. Use pens and papers to write down notes and phone numbers, not body parts.  And Sharpie markers should not be used on body parts or siblings.
  31. From now until forever Finger Paint is a controlled substance.
  32. Ketchup is not a vegetable.
  33. English can not be taken again in school as a foreign language credit if you fail it the first time.
  34. If you spill something clean it up or you will mop and sweep the house every week for a month.
  35. If mom and dad say no, you can’t go ask one of the many grandparents you have.
  36. Socks and underwear MUST be changed EVERYDAY!
  37. Children under 5 feet tall are not allowed to touch my scrap booking items.
  38. Finish cereal in pantry before opening new box and when opening new box put it in the Tupperware container.
  39. For every D you have at the end of the year will delay your getting your driver’s license by one month.
  40. Phone calls must end at 9pm on school nights and by 11pm on weekends or non-school nights.
  41. Girlfriend/boyfriend may come over if house passes mom’s inspection.
  42. If you are going to be in your room with said girlfriend/boyfriend door remains open, shoes on, & sitting on floor.  No lying allowed!
  43. Frequent visits by parents and siblings will be expected and permitted.
  44. Girlfriend/boyfriend must leave by 10pm on weekend.
  45. No school day visits are allowed.
  46. Parents must be home during said visitation.
  47. If you go somewhere you must check-in at said time that was agreed upon before departure.  Failure to do so will result in grounding.
  48. Unless you have a car, good paying job, and a home of you own no hanky panky is allowed.  Talking about mom’s past will not be tolerated and will result in immediate grounding.
  49. Put away laundry the day mom puts it in your room, no living out of the laundry basket.
  50. Food belongs in the kitchen, no science experiments are allowed in bedrooms.
  51. Make your bed in the morning BEFORE you go to school.
  52. Coats belong in entry way behind the front door.
  53. We will not have 10 pairs of shoes by the front door.
  54. Snack are twice a day, not every hour.
  55. Bird cage is to be dealt with those 11 yrs. and older.