House Rules


Maybe my children need to reread our house rules! If you have never read these you really should. Some are quite funny.

Rules can be added to or modified at mom or dad leisure. These rules will be in effect until we say so.

We are not amused with your current behavior.

Thank you,

The Parental Units


Our house rules!

1. We all live in the house we all help with the household chores. No one get money for chores.
2. Whoever makes it, gets to flush it.
3. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie.
4. Don’t put the playground rock up your nose, the average 4 yr old can hold somewhere in the ball park of 13 rocks up there before one has to take one to doctor’s office for removal, it has been tested and we don’t need a repeat.
5. No talking or TV watching at the breakfast table, it is hard enough to get them going in the morning.
6. Children eat meals at the kitchen table.
7. You must have a glass of water at dinner first than you can have kool-aid.
8. If you don’t eat your dinner than it will be wrapped and will be waiting for you in the fridge and nothing else will be had until the plate is clean, that night.
9. Talking and touching of bodily functions and parts is only to be done in the bathroom, this is thanks to Bradley.
10. The f-word and the s-word are only allowed only if you bring mom or dad $250,000 first in hard cold cash, live on your own, are a movie star, or a rock star.
11. The watching of violent and scary movies is permitted after a 3 page essay on the topic of the movie.
12. The car is a mandatory shoe-wearing zone. Flip-flops are not allowed at the park.
13. Singing is allowed in the tub, car, outside, and in one’s own bedroom.
14. Knock before entering shut doors AND wait for a response before entering. No sabotaging of sibling belongs while they are away from house or room.
15. If you lock mom in a room for 45 minutes and go and turn the volume up on the TV so you can’t hear her, you better be prepared to face the consequences and better be able to stay an arms length away from her for 3 days.
16. If you put a basketball in the dryer without mom knowing it and she doesn’t see it and starts the dryer and said basketball explodes and makes mom freak out you had better be conducting a science experiment. If said dryer stops working you will be explaining to dad why we have to buy a new dryer.
17. Bubble Gum, Silly Putty, and Baby Powder should NEVER EVER be in the same room as the hair dryer.
18. Dog leashes, stuffed animals and boys are prohibited from the ceiling fans.
19. When using paint ball, bee bee, or soft shell guns outside and practice shooting NEVER aim your gun at the house, your siblings, or the dogs/chickens.
20. The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet is bodily functions; toy size Tupperware cups will not make it past the U bend.
21. Bleach is to be handled and used ONLY by people who can drive a car.
22. Play Dough is not allowed to be played with within 30 feet of the microwave or used in the same sentence together ever again.
23. Play Dough is only allowed with a tarp under the table and adult supervision.
24. Garbage bags are for trash, not parachutes.
25. Always look in the oven before turning it on and plastic toys and ovens should NEVER be combined.
26. The roof is OFF LIMITS to anyone under 6 feet tall.
27. If mom is in the bath with the door locked leave her alone unless there is a fire truck with lights flashing outside the house, a family member is spouting blood, or dad is knocked out and no don’t hit your father to knock him out.
28. If you leave an empty roll of toilet paper on the holder you will do the dishes for the next 3 days.
29. If the phone rings and you know the number, answer it.
30. Use pens and papers to write down notes and phone numbers, not body parts. And Sharpie markers should not be used on body parts or siblings.
31. From now until forever Finger Paint is a controlled substance.
32. Ketchup is not a vegetable.
33. English can not be taken again in school as a foreign language credit if you fail it the first time.
34. If you spill something clean it up or you will mop and sweep the house every week for a month.
35. If mom and dad say no, you can’t go ask one of the many grandparents you have.
36. Socks and underwear MUST be changed EVERYDAY!
37. Children under 5 feet tall are not allowed to touch my scrap booking items.
38. Finish cereal in pantry before opening new box and when opening new box put it in the Tupperware container.
39. For every D you have at the end of the year will delay your getting your driver’s license by one month.
40.Phone calls must end at 9pm on school nights and by 11pm on weekends or non-school nights.
41. Girlfriend/boyfriend may come over if house passes mom’s inspection.
42. If you are going to be in your room with said girlfriend/boyfriend door remains open, shoes on, & sitting on floor. No horizontal allowed!
43. Frequent visits by parents and siblings will be expected and permitted.
44. Girlfriend/boyfriend must leave by 10pm on weekend.
45. No school day visits are allowed.
46. Parents must be home during said visitation.
47. If you go somewhere you must check-in at said time that was agreed upon before departure. Failure to do so will result in grounding.
48. Unless you have a car, good paying job, and a home of you own no hanky panky is allowed. Talking about mom’s past will not be tolerated and will result in immediate grounding.
49. Put away laundry the day mom puts it in your room, no living out of the laundry basket.
50. Food belongs in the kitchen, no science experiments are allowed in bedrooms.
51. Make your bed in the morning BEFORE you go to school.
52. Coats belong in entry way behind the front door.
53. We will not have 10 pairs of shoes by the front door.
54. Snack are twice a day, not every hour.
55. If you are Chihuahua patrol and the animal poops in the house, you get the patrol for the rest of the week. Keeping said animals in cage all the time doesn’t count as patrol time.
56. You must log in your video game and tv time in the log book. Over use of video games and tv time will result in cut backs in next week’s hours.
57. If you make a mess clean it up, do not walk away from it, CLEAN IT UP!
58. Shower curtain liners are there for a purpose, use them.
59. Trash goes in the trash bin, not on top or on the deck.
60. If you like your underwear keep them in the drawer, laundry basket, and the laundry room closed. Winston Churchill, the beabull, cannot be trusted.
61. Showers are a daily must, keeping the dirt and luck for the next day are not allowed.
62. Calling a girl “Shorty” is not now or be it ever be acceptable.
63. The DVR is set up to record certain programs don’t stop them without permission from mom or dad.
64. No TV, XBOX, Wii, movies, playing, or leaving the house until your chores off the list are done.
65. Sunscreen is needed when outside. Off will be worn when in backyards.
66. Curfew will be 11pm for 17yr. olds.
67. During the summer time you will not sleep all day, 10am is go time.



Family Organizer

Cartoon 1761

I need a system that organizes all of our schedules, that I can take with me, doesn’t require the all my sticky notes, and can’t be wiped off at the end of the month.

I need a system that I can access from my phone and my home computer.

I need it to be easy for me to use, and doesn’t require a lot of thought.

I have tried apps in the past with no real luck…….

Opus Domini was maybe my most successful app. You could build your personal mission, visualize and set your course, define your goals, have a daily blueprint of your life, categorize into four area how important a task was, have multiple planning views, and  had a tasks, calendar & events, notes,  growth tools, and cloud back up & sync. But it is only available for Mac, iPod, and iPhones, I have an android and I am perfectly happy with it.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 08.11.20

Planner Plus is ok as it is the closest to Opus Domini. You can create tasks, events, notes, has different views, and is color coded.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 08.10.30

CalenMob is a Google Calendar app with intuitive design. I am trying this for my home business but not liking it. 

Screenshot 2015-01-13 08.15.08

Schedule Planner this actually has something I wish Opus Domini had “Planned” vs “Actual” day planning interface. But honestly the whole thing is a little confusing on how to do everything. Like an information OVERLOAD!

Screenshot 2015-01-13 08.21.01

Cozi and everyone raves about this one. Maybe I just haven’t given it a fair enough shot.  It has a family calendar, shopping lists, to-do lists, family journal, and meals. But honestly it looks overwhelming and like an overload of information. I do like that my husband and daughter can have it on their phones and we can all be connected. Not too sure after that.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 08.29.29

What are your thoughts and opinions? Do you have an app that you love and can’t live without?


Now, I have Home Management Binders and I love them. But I am not lugging them all over! I made these back in 2013, after my mother-in-law died and I went through her paperwork for two days!

I had been looking for months for home management system that fit me. No luck! I mean what could possible fit a person as complex as myself. I could make the sheets but I knew there was blanks out there waiting for me to find. Than I started piecing one together…….. what a pain! I mean each had a different theme and I like everything to flow. Besides things started to mix and nothing was clear-cut.

I found most of my print of at Life Your Way , it is an awesome site and is worth you checking out. No, really go! I will wait right here, take as long as you need, I’ll wait……………

Oh, your back? Are you as impressed as me?

Anyways they have over 200 printables! Than there is the whole article about how to use a Home Management Notebook, which you can find here.

I made four of these FABULOUS binders! I thought of making one huge binder, but then I decided against it. Some things are laminated so that I don’t have to make a million copies and burn through ink. If it is something I need a record of I will scan it.  First, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some file folders for a $1 for three and found some old 3-ring binders downstairs that were in great condition. Next, I printed off all the copies I would need for the four binders. Then I laminated the ones that I needed to. If you don’t have a laminator I recommend you buy one, it is worth the investment of $20-30. Last, I three-hole punched everything and put them in the correct binders.

Binder #1 – Is my household vital information. This binder has a section for all five members of my house. Each person has a personal information sheet, basic medical information, and a medication information sheet. For the three of us over 16 years of age we each have a wallets contents sheet. The two younger kids also have a school information, medicine checklist (laminated two-sided), and a usual day in our home sheet. After all those tabs I have a cars tab and a car maintenance sheet for each of our cars. Next is our home inventory, home maintenance, dvd inventory, book inventory, and pet info tabs and sheet.

Binder #2 – Is my everyday binder that has everything an outsider or my husband would need to run my household if I was not around. This binder has the following sections in it: calendar, cleaning, menu planning, to do, contacts, and holidays/traditions. Most of these pages are laminated. I laminated pages like Our House: Week at a Glance, My weekly cleaning routine, cleaning checklists, 3 laminated monthly calendars for meal planning, weekly meal plan, pantry inventory, freezer inventory, daily action planner, weekly action planner, and my daily docket.

Binder #3 – Is my financial binder that has our budget, and account information. I have all our utilities information in one place. I also keep our current bills in the back, along with any coupon books for payments.

Binder #4 – Is all for my father-in-law and my sanity. After his wife died we needed to keep this information in a place that we knew where it was. This book has his personal information, medical information, and his finance information.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject! Let me know!



Quiet week

Last week was a very quite week……….. school wise!

Two of us in the house have come down with a sinus infection.


This is what we feel like.  I have a Netty Pot but just can’t bring myself to use it. I also have essential oils and need to break them out and start using them.

If you are new to oils or have trouble figuring out what to use for what this is a great site, Essential Everything.

I use DoTerra Oils and love them!


Last week ended on us busting out the legos and doing some math and then having a creative jam on the living room rug.

This week looks like this for us:

Language Arts: Writing a Research Paper, Outlines, Prefixes, and Roots

Math: Adding Mixed Numbers, Subtracting Mixed Numbers, and Multiplying Fractions

Science: Fungi Kingdom, Protist Kingdom, Prokarayotes, and Taxonomy

Social Studies: Michigan Florida, John Brown & States’ Rights & Secession, Lincoln Elected, Fort Sumter, War Begins, Robert E. Lee & Confederacy

Reading: Finish Celia, A Slave and start Will at the Battle of Gettysburg

Spanish: Continue learning about people and greetings

We need to work a bit more to get caught up to where we need to be before the extra week off.


Lastly, I spent an hour Friday chalking this into creation! We have a split foyer and when you walk in if you look down the steps, this is what you see. I love it, I even hair sprayed it to keep it safe.

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes!


Use your bug spray at camp!

We spent two weeks at camp this summer, residential church camp.


At some point my daughter got a bug bite and she scratched it. This caused it to get infected.

Saturday after camp it was starting to swell.

The following Thursday it was very swollen and it hurt to touch.


I tried to squeeze out the infection and got a little out but he was in so much pain I quit. Her dad gave in and took her to the ER.

I felt like a crap mom for telling her it was not a big deal and to deal with it. The bugs were horrible at camp, so I thought it was just a bug bite but we started to see the dark center puncture in the center. We had thought it might be a spider bite, there is a black dot and a hole in the center. The ER doctor said it was a bug bite.


The doctor at the ER didn’t like the look of it and he decided to cut her open and finish draining the puss. An hour later after they gave her a pain medication and numbed her leg, they made a small incision. They got some more puss out of her leg. The took a swab for a culture and sent it off to the lab. They bandaged her up and sent her home with antibiotics.

They were just going to give her antibiotics and wait and see, but they found out that I tried to squeeze out the puss before she got there and they wanted to drain it. Husband also told them that she is a varsity runner and can’t afford to wait and see. Her leg would have to be physically missing for her not to run and even then she still might try. We are very lucky they decided to cut her open.


Infected bug bite and they were testing for MRSA. I actually had to look-up and research MRSA. MRSA is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)  a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body. It’s tougher to treat than most strains of staphylococcus aureus — or staph — because it’s resistant to some commonly used antibiotics.

*Back story on my daughter- she was born with a kidney condition they found when I was 6 months along. She had bilateral hydronephrosis, it occurs when urine is unable to drain from the kidney into the bladder. Hydronephrosis is not itself a disease. It occurs as a result of a problem that prevents urine from draining out of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder.

Basically the flaps on the urethra cause poor emptying of the bladder which result in the backup of the urine from the bladder up to the kidney. She was put on a daily antibiotics for the first two years of her life. We always knew that later in life she might develop a resistance to antibiotics. She outgrew her condition by her 3rd birthday.


By Sunday it still looked like the picture above. We got a call Sunday afternoon from the ER, she had MRSA and required a different antibiotic. We got the new meds in her within two hours and within 24 hours the fever in her leg was gone and the swelling was down.


This was a week after we took her to the ER. It was getting better. We had not let her run for fear of the infection getting into her blood stream. We decided to let her run the following day. She is still not up to her regular pace but we are taking it slow.

Lesson? Use bug spray at camp!! Don’t scratch the bug bites!


Love, Peace, & Cupcakes


Smal Victories

Saturday I worked in the backyard for two hours. That is all my husband would allow. I don’t have much to show you because I was totally embarrassed with how it looked before.


I did manage this, two pots buried for my tomatoes. I added the lattice-work for the tomatoes to go somewhere.


We cleaned up the area where we put our trash cans. Years of kids not getting things into the trash cans and the raccoons getting into them had made a mark. Now the area is clean and free of debris.


We even cleaned out the area under the steps. We are going to put a mini deck under there and put an outdoor dog bed there for our dogs to chill out.


That is part of what we moved out. Oh and we found a family of mice. One child wanted to kill it and the other wanted to keep it. We named it “you don’t live in my backyard” and set it free in the woods. It was just my husband and I cleaning up, the kids didn’t offer to help.


Sunday found us in this corner of the yard. it was a freaking mess. A raised garden bed that never took off. A garden bed around the deck that next amounted to more than weeds. We had all hands on deck, four of us, for this cleaning project. The hubby and I decided that they didn’t get a choice in the matter. They helped to mess it up, they can help to clean it up.


This is what it looked like 3 hours later. Amazing what a little teamwork can do. Still want to take down the dish today.


We moved the raised garden bed and it is almost ready for planting.


I even let the 15-year-old girl work a drill! She is better at using a power tool than scissors. Where did I go wrong?


We also moved some things around. We moved the shutters to behind the rose bushes I planted. We added two stumps to the top of the steps. We are going to get solar lights, drill holes in the tops and have lamp posts.


I also took down my teacup bird feeders I made last year off the trees. I moved them to the stumps and filled them.


Today they are empty, because that little guy told EVERYONE there is bird food in the backyard.


Zen is coming to my garden and backyard!

I am this  point in my life when you realize you need a pain reliever to move from doing yard work the day before.

~Love, Peace, and Cupcakes~

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Cleaning Day


Day 9 at LWSP is Cleaning Day

I like cleaning on Mondays, makes it feel like the rest of my week is set and I can do other projects. Now my house did not get dirty overnight so it will not get clean over night.

Now a few weeks ago I start with this list and I did a room each day. I have worked up to the point where I can knock out all the rooms in one day.


I have two of these caddys, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. It has most everything I need to clean with. I am ready to clean!

2014-03-10 10.23.21

I start with the kitchen and dining room, since they are both the same thing. I then move to the bathroom and spray down the shower and sinks and I walk away. I clean my tubs with  a home-made mix of vinegar and Dawn” IT WORKS GREAT…1/2 cup vinegar bring to boil in microwave, add 1/2 cup dawn, put on spray bottle and spray tub and sink, let soak 30 mins, wipe clean. You need to make sure you have your vent going, the fumes are strong!

I go back and do my living room, I consider my upstairs hall and entry way part of the living room. I have mostly hardwood floors and get the vacuum out at the end and leave it in the kid’s rooms so they get the hint!

I go back to the bathroom and I finish up. I have found a trick that works for keeping toothpaste off the sink. Car Wax!! Polish faucets, sinks, tile, even shower doors with Turtle Wax, which leaves behind a protective barrier against water and soap buildup, so your hard-earned sparkle will last past the next tooth-brushing.

I tackle the deep cleaning things like wash the rugs and I fluff the pillows (or wash them). I am actually allergic to my dogs and I do this once a week to keep the dander down.

Now for the things like. Dust Ceiling Fans and Clean Baseboards, I have commissionable jobs I pay the kids for and those are on that list. This is something we started today. We are doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and he says kids need to paid for doing things above their normal chores. I decided to pick the things that are time-consuming and easy enough for them to do.

I had this board just doing nothing on the inside of the closet. I remounted it on the outside of the door. It sits in between the younger two kid’s bedroom.

2014-03-10 12.32.12

I made the sign on WordPress, printed it off and laminated it. This has the basic rules on it. You have to do your “Everyday” chores first. Mom and Dad are the “Bosses”. You must get your work checked before you can get your cash!

2014-03-10 12.33.26

I found the help wanted tags here. I printed them off, wrote them out, and laminated them.

2014-03-10 13.59.53

I hung them up with paperclips and the amount each is worth behind it.

2014-03-10 13.59.56

I made the rules and posted them.

2014-03-10 13.45.47

There are additional rules, like you can only do 5 until Thursday. Give both parties and chance to earn extra money. After Thursdays any left money is free game.

2014-03-10 13.59.45

I also found out that since staying home I have had more people trying to sell me things at my door. I found this and laminated it and posted it in my window by the front door.

2014-03-10 14.51.51

My day is done! Have a blessed day everyone!

~Peace, Love, & Cupcakes!

8 Things….

Life has been busy to say the least. Job changes, schedule changes, and just living life.

We have found a new church, about a year ago, and we are getting actively involved. We go every week, volunteer our time, and are involved with small groups.  Our pastor believes life begins in small groups! How else are you suppose to get to know people in the hour and a half you spend in church a week, an hour or so being spent in worship? Our small groups meet in home and out in the community.

I recently became a small groups leader, twice. It lead the same class two times a week. The groups is 8 Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without by Joe McGee. The book is a great book. The videos are a bit dated and don’t follow the book. They are currently working on a workbook to go with the videos and we have seen it and so far it is a good companion.

The first thing no kid should leave home without is Self-Worth. The basic principle is that if we don’t know our worth, we will go through life being things we are not. Self-Worth is defined as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person”.

One of the biggest things is we have to love our neighbor, but we cannot give what we haven’t received. If we don’t know we are loved that means our neighbor is in trouble.

Low Self-Worth creates chameleons, makes wishy-washy people, invites self-rejections, cripples emotions, squanders potential, and creates moral pushovers.

When you know that God loves you, you will gain true self-worth.

To build our self-worth and our children’s self-worth we need to fill them and us  with affirmation and acceptance, belonging, and build competence from within.

I have made it a point to fill my children up with praise each morning before they leave for school. The world is harsh and will knock them down and fill them with unrighteous ways fast enough.

What are doing to build up your child and yourself self-worth?Image