Celia, a slave



Celia was an ordinary slave–until she struck back at her abusive master and became the defendant in a landmark trial that threatened to undermine the very foundations of the South’s “Peculiar Institution.”

This story takes place in 1855, Calloway county, Missouri.

It’s about a slave named Celia in the american slavery crisis. for a time she was framed for the murder of her master but the people found out it wasn’t her. The court found that Ceila was the witness of a crime.  Ceila met other slaves and their masters’.

I kind of liked the book and I would give it 2/5 (i didn’t like it but i didn’t hate it.) i didn’t like it because the subject of the story made me mad but it told a great story.


Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe


This is a book review for The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

this book has two settings England world war 2 and Narnia. The main characters are Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy. The book is about 4 kids that get shipped of to England from London because of world war 2 bombing in of London,the kids then find a magic closet that they step into and realize that it is a portal to another land called Narnia. There is an evil witch that casts a spell across the land and makes an eternal winter,the king has been banished and the witch has to be stopped. Then Aslan, the king comes back and goes to the stone table, an ancient landmark and soon defeats the white witch.

I like this book because it was fun to read and Narnia is awesome!

Among the Hidden Book Review


Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This book takes place  in a futuristic society where two children are allowed. the main characters are Luke Garner and Jen Rose Talbot.The story is about a boy who is known as a shadow child and has to hide because shadow children are illegal in the community. You can only have two children and anymore are known as shadow children and the Population Police will come and have the shadow child/children killed. Luke spent his whole life hiding but one day he looked out the window and finds that there is another shadow child in his neighborhood. Luke’s farm and woods get cut down by government and he cant go outside anymore because the government built mansions with Barons living in them and he would be seen and the Population Police would come to take him away. He then finds out one day while everybody in the neighborhood is gone except him that there is another shadow child.

I liked this book because it was a very interesting government and community. I would recommend this  book for kids and adults ages 9+.

Monster Child