Winter is Coming


Nope, it arrived over the weekend!


It started Saturday with heavy frost and ice on the car windows and by the afternoon we had this…….


Saturday was not a bad weather day, just a light dusting on the ground. But you would have thought the world was coming to an end. Snow is in the forecast. Rush in sheer panic to the store, & buy ALL of the milk & bread! Milk sandwiches are our ONLY hope of surviving winter weather! I am not convinced people are making french toast either (French Toast Effect), if they were wouldn’t there be a run on maple syrup too?

Sunday was a day of snow, snow, snow. The chickens were not sure what to think and were not interested in Monster Child’s snowballs.

This is what Monday looked like for us.



No, we don’t stop schooling just because we have snow. Besides with a feel like of 9 degrees outside, who wants to play in that?


I doubt we will go anywhere for a few days but we might go start my car and clean it off.

20141117_091034-EFFECTS (1)


Yes, we have animals and we never have a nice blanket of snow, there is always paw prints in there somewhere.Ph8Mka9TH2nMhJSzI-xNZBBiv0-WCamQkDcm5-hlKcDN=w287-h510-no

The chickens survived but we are faced with a new challenge and that is how to keep their water lines from freezing. We are going to have to research this issue a bit. Monster Child and I think we will have to go to a heated dog bowl. But we are trying everything at this point. Currently we have a small water feeder in there but it will not keep up with 6 chickens.

Off to research!

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes!




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