We have discovered lapbooking and we love it!

This week we started chemistry in science. My 16 year old public school child is miffed that her 11 year old brother is learning chemistry at his age, but he loves it!

We found two sites for chemistry lapbook and we combined the two into one lapbook.

Lapbooking through Chemistry

Homeschool Share

20141111_122623 20141111_122615

We shutter fold our lapbooks and Monster Child thinks this is totally cool!

20141111_121430 20141111_122914

We cut of the cover and made it split on the front.


We used blank note cards and glued on the vocabulary prompts.

IMG_20141111_130431 (1)

We added a periodic table at the bottom and went ahead and glued the air, gas, and crystal flap book to the left side.

IMG_20141111_130358 (1)

On the right side we have the elements of the atom.

Wednesday we made a periodic table pillow case. We found the template here.

Monster Child is sloppy and I decided that I should mark out the template with fabric markers ahead of time.

IMG_20141111_174135 20141111_174029

Using a ruler turned out to be really helpful!


I also used a blue pillow case cause that is what we had!


I let him use a sharpie and add in all the elements, he thought some were weird.


He even color coded the  element like they were online. He was very happy with himself and only 4 mistakes we had to fix!

Peace, Love, & Cupcakes




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