Coop Building

I did it again! Chicken math is not to be taken lightly. In case you are wondering what is chicken math? Here is a break down……..

it’s just a way we try and fool ourselves into justifying our flock’s numbers. It’s a really nice fun way to totally lie to yourself.
For example: Paul has 97 grown chickens right now plus about 35 chicks and over a hundred eggs in the incubator. So technically, he has 97 + 35 or 132 chickens, and if you count the eggs due to hatch, that number climbs and will be over 200.
In chicken math the eggs don’t count of course, because they are eggs, not chickens, therefore from over 200 just brought it down to 132. The chicks don’t count because they are just chicks, so that brings it down to 97. Of these 97, 15 are rooster, everybody knows roosters don’t count so now I’m down to 82 chickens. Ten of these are bantams which should only count as a half a chicken each because they are small, so now I’m down to 77 chickens. I have 18 that I’m going to trade off soon, so they shouldn’t count should they? So now I’ve only got 59. Now there are 30 laying hens for sale, I’m sure they won’t be here much longer so down to only 29 Chickens.

I’m not very good at chicken math, so an expert could probably trim a few more off those numbers somehow.

We suffer from chicken math at our house. We had 6 chicks, that turned into 6 laying hens. My husband’s boss tried to steal two chickens from us for himself.


Instead, I bought 4 chicks, with the idea of giving him two. Then I went back into Rural King and saw a breed I didn’t have yet so I bought 4 more of that breed.


Now I am raising my 6 layers, plus 4 new chicks for us and 4 chicks for the boss man! Chicken math!


This put us in a pickle of not having enough room for all the baby chicks. You can’t put them outside with the bigger girls, they would peck them to death.


Our answer?


Build a coop for the “little girls”. I found a book on chicken coops at the local library and it had lots of plans to choose from We decided on the “A” frame coop.


When I say “WE” I use that term very loosely as I didn’t really do anything but watch my husband build the thing!


Getting the angles right was probably the hardest thing.


Once you figure it out though it all goes fairly easy.


We had left over hardcloth from the run we made.


We added shingles to help heat it in the winter time.


We decided to put it on this side of the run to help keep it warmer.


The “little girls” seemed to like it.


We even found them roosting up high!


Abbey even approves!

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes


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