My Chicks Bad…..

My Chicks Hood?

Actually they are sweet, not bad but Ludicrous seems to think my chicks are bad!


Three weeks ago we got 6 chickens, 3 Leghorn pullets and 3 Amber Link pullets.

They are sweet and the Leghorn at almost 5 weeks still let us hold them. The Ambers love to be held and try to next in our hair.


Each one has a personality that is starting to come out.

Sabrina is a quiet bird until it is feeding time.

Sally is a chicken little, the sky always seems to be falling for her.

Loki is the trouble maker, the first to figure out things and she has to push the limits.

Precious is the runt and just as sweet as can be.

Foghorn is the biggest Leghorn and she also seems to be in charge.

Chicken Hawk is the biggest Amber and she seems to think she is a big bird.


We keep them in a corner in the house, we have no garage and we live in our basement.


Currently they spend their nights in the Rubbermaid. I built them a perch, so they can get used to perching. We mad them a gravity feeder for their food out of PVC.


Last weekend  we built them a small coop, It is part of a larger plan, one of three parts.


This is how they spend their days. Chilling in the backyard with Abbey keeping watch.


She even lets them peck her nose.


This is truly a learning experience for us all.

~Peace, Love, & Cupcakes


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