Had a bad day

I had a bad day on Tuesday. It was so bad that I had a total of 6 panic attacks.

My anxiety level was through the roof. My emotions were raw and at the surface.

I just needed thoughts and prayers and kind words.

Please don’t ask what is going on, I cannot talk about it. Just know tomorrow is another day and I will make it through today.

Well, I made it through the day and today is a new day!

Today is a much better day then yesterday.

I have a group I belong to on Facebook and they were a great support system. Thank you all for you encouragement and kind words.

On the savings front, I got two pairs of glasses for my youngest child for $105…… including the eye exam! Two pairs of glasses, the eye exam, the polycarbonate lenses, and a warranty on the glasses. I am so happy we got him glasses. He is amazed that he can see at a distance now.

1912430_10151894908716710_1665968905_n 1901387_10151894908676710_1117855176_n
Also, I signed my son up for two summer camps offered by our school district for FREE! He is into Greek Mythology and that happens to be one of the classes offered. They are also offering a Lego Robotics class and he is very into that! (Happy Dance)

He is also going to a residential camp this summer, where I am cooking for the week. He helps me out and gets to have summer camp experience too.


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