Purging of the Closet

I purged my kitchen last Monday. And so far we have kept it clean as a family. I did the whole kitchen in five hours and took breaks when I needed, I will do the same today in the bedroom.


I have avoided my bedroom like I avoid the dentist! It is a rather large room with two clothes closets and an under the steps storage. It is roughly the size of my living room, kitchen, and dining area. It was a storage are, hall, and small bedroom this time last year. We opened it up and made it a master bedroom, We used to have to walk across the hall to go to the bathroom now it is an on suite.


Thinking about it as a whole is scary. I am just going to go in there and start with my closet, baby steps. I can do this, I can do this, I think I can do this. While I don’t really want my husband in here trying to help, I did want him to do something. He is outside cleaning the yard!!

I discovered ten minutes in, I need to make the bed first and get rid of the four laundry baskets before I can hit the closet.


Here it is before, just a cluttered mess. Lots of clothes I don’t wear or are too big now.

Yep, I said too big. Last year I lost 50 pounds. I use to be a size 14!


Here I am at my heaviest, almost 195. How I lost the weight is a story for another day, I promise I will tell you.


I piled the clothes on the bed and started sorting and figuring out what I wanted to keep, give away, and throw away.

I even found my prom dress!


I am a bit bigger around the chest so I fill it out better than I did 20 years ago. But it FITS!!!!


Someone said I haven’t aged, I have. It is the genes, I have also started using Arbonne and my face looks younger after 4 weeks.

I finally had the closet empty.


We have not finished the closet part of the bedroom, that is the drywall. Don’t judge!

I have piles; keep, donate, and ThredUP.


Upon looking up my name brands on ThredUP, none of my clothes is accepted by them. I am not sure what they are looking for then.


Here is my finished closet, I have more empty shelves and all my clothes are on plastic hangers.


No more wire hangers! (yes, mommy dearest)

I even went as far as to organize by clothing type and then into colors. Yes, I am a bit OCD and anal…….. I know and knowing is half the battle.


I even cleaned out my husband’s closet! I cleaned out the dresser too and moved some things around.


This is my husband’s donate pile. We will take these to Goodwill on Wednesdays throughout March. St. Louis Goodwills are giving away free movie tickets when you donate on Wednesdays in March.


I went through 6 piles of paperwork like this. I shredded, recycled, and filed said paperwork until I was left with this……


I placed 90 items on eBay to sell today. We are raising money to put a down payment on my daughter’s braces and my youngest need glasses.

I am donating over $500 in clothing.

And the best part I feel good! Now I still have to tackle the storage area under the steps but that is a whole day project.


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