Reflection Day


Day 7! Go get your Week 1 Reflection here!

I made it a whole week without spending, nothing that wasn’t on my budget! Today (and every Saturday for the rest of the month) is going to be our day to pat ourselves on our back (or kick ourselves in the you-know-where) while we reflect on what we’ve accomplished this week, as well as what we’ve learned.

We had a hiccup! We had in our budget $100 for my daughter and her track gear. We thought we could not use it. She had to have two shirts for track, school made them get them. The school was offering a payment plan or assistance. The budget was so tight we were in the negative. I was hoping to get the assistance or payment plan. My daughter didn’t follow directions and I ended up paying $30. It was budgeted but I hoped to use it for something else. So, technically I didn’t spend anything that wasn’t in my budget.

We also took my daughter to the Ortho for a first visit. We don’t have insurance, waiting for the state and Obama-care to figure out who gets to cover the children. We took her anyways because she needs them. $5270 for 27-30 months of braces!! They want $500 down, which we don’t have. So, we are saving every bit of extra to put towards that. Then every month we pay $189. We are currently putting things we no longer use and need on eBay and Craigslist to sell. So, far we sold our Neat Scanner for $150! We are selling an old Keurig machine, antique hurricane lamps, and P90X box set.

Friday I got a call from my son’s teacher, he is in fourth grade. We are having an issue with a girl bullying him in class. We discussed that and then she mentions that she is moving B-Man to the front of the class. She has noticed he can’t see and is squinting and asking class mates what things are. Oh wonderful, he needs glasses. We are going to try to hold off until April to get them. We can get the eyeglasses and exam for $69 at America’s Contact and Eyeglasses.

I had to go to the store but I have a $200 grocery budget this month. I made a cake and sold a few DVDs that earned me $40, that will go into my gas tank.  Otherwise we are going strong, even my kids are starting to understand things. We are putting aside extra money for things they need and are now pitching in to help!




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