Working the paperwork

I have found over the years that if I piece together different parts of different people’s cleaning musts, it will work for me. I always adjust to fit me and sometime I ditch one system all together. One thing has stayed true, I follow a few things from FlyLady. While I don’t visit her site daily anymore I know the system. I make sure my sink is empty and shiny (almost) every night. I get dressed down to my shoes (almost) everyday. I bleach my sink once a week. And I do a 15 minute boogie every day.

I have found a website I like recently that helps with the paperwork clutter. Home Storage Solutions 101, she has a monthly challenge going right now and it  deals De-cluttering in March. Now I will admit her site is a bit difficult to get around and is not very user friendly, but she does have good resources. Here is the March Calendar.

Tuesday was Day 4 – Fill out address book information (either on paper or electronic version).


Now I have Home Management Binders and I already had this in there. But it was not filled out, just like several other papers in the binder.


Tuesday I also purged my living room space. It was not a lot to tackle and purge, mostly movies, but there was a bit of paperwork.


It was not a lot to tackle and purge, mostly movies, but there was a bit of paperwork.


I found a stack of bills that needed to be recorded as paid and 3-holed punched and put in the binder.


I went and did my CONTACTS section of my binder. Why did I ever put it off, it wasn’t highly difficult.


Quite simple actually, it only took about 30 minutes all said and done.


There is my after shot. Yep that is a LOVE bookcase we made. I’ll post that in a few days.


I even came away with some items to sell. I know the DVDs will get larger as I hit my bedroom this weekend.


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