The Kitchen Purge

We have lived in our house for 14 years!That little girl I am holding is now a 15 year girl full of life and she keeps surprising me everyday.

Scan 1

It is not a big house with only 816 square feet up and 816 square feet down. It has 4 bedroom, two baths, an open living room/dining room/kitchen area, and utility room. We have the basics in the kitchen; a sink, stove, fridge/freezer, microwave oven, and cabinets. The original plan never had a pantry included, we took the coat closet and made it into the pantry.


My kitchen counters have always been filled to the max with clutter and kitchen tools. The kitchen has come a long way from that!

I have a culinary arts degree, I NEED MY TOOLS! But what I realized while doing this is that I don’t need them all at once and I hardly use some of them.


While I wish this was my kitchen, sadly I only get it one week a year in the summer. I make do with what I have.

I started this challenge Monday from Clean Mama and thought no way I can’t do it …….. I NEED THESE THINGS!  I had my mixer, knives, kitchen utensil container, mug tree, coffee k cup holder, coffee maker, toaster, can opener, numerous bowls, cookie jar, cutting boards, and tea maker on the counters and island. (I call it an island but it is my self-made workstation.)

I completely cleared my counters off. I removed everything and placed most of it on the kitchen table with some ending up on the couch.


I cleaned them all with my OnGuard cleaner and I soaked my sink with bleach. If you have never filed your sinks with hot water and bleach, do it you will be shocked at how dirty your sink really is. I do this once a week and then take an SOS pad to my stainless steel sink to make it shine. Flylady taught me this.


I took a very hard long look at the items I had on the table. I moved them into groups; everyday use, every week use, every once in a while, and what the heck am I doing with this. I thought there are some things I can put up in a cabinet because I don’t use them everyday, but then I realized that I needed to purge my cabinets and condense and rearrange. We (my daughter and I, it was a snow day yesterday) did this, keeping like things together.


This is my baking cabinet. it has all my baking and cooking needs in it. Last year, I put up the wood and hooks to help store things. Here is the post that I did that a year ago.


I had also done this but the squares fell down, I Gorilla glued them this time.


This is now my dishes, glasses, and mug cabinet. I got rid of the mug tree. Yes those are sticky notes on the inside of my cabinet door. They are tid-bits for certain things.


I moved all my coffee and tea into a cabinet. This is right above my coffee maker in the corner. This makes it easier to see what coffee we are running out of instead of grabbing into a box to fill a spinner that only holds 4.


This is the tools cabinet that holds a few cups and tools and the can opener.


We discovered we had more than enough mugs then we could ever use. Half of the ones pictured here are making their way to new homes.

I started by moving the things I knew I had to have out back to the counters and where I knew I wanted them. This was based on what was in the cabinets above them.



I have only one hiccup to my peaceful flow of my kitchen. That is this thing, a necessity I am afraid since we have no dishwasher.


We store it under the sink when it is not in use. We wash in the right side, rinse in the left and dry in the red drainer on the far left. It is too big to put in the sink. We just deal with it.  By the way I did the back splash by myself.


I even cleaned the fridge inside and out. I found that rearranging the shelves a bit fits our family better.


This is what my workstation looks like now. I am storing my mixer, toaster, tea maker, and cake plate on the bottom shelf.  I will have to post how I made this island.

Here is the finished panoramic view of the kitchen.


One last thing: You might notice something on one of my cabinets in the kitchen and wonder what that is. It is a note card holder that was made by a wonderful woman I know. I use this to hold recipes (most of mine are on index cards) and I have mounted it on the  outside of the cupboard. She is the wife of a preacher and she home schools her children. If you are interested in purchasing one of these this is her Facebook page. She can make the in all sorts of colors and designs.



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