Black Ice

Sorry, I was MIA Sunday. I have a valid reason.


I live in the glorious and ever-changing weather state of Missouri. The saying is “If you don’t like the weather, stick around it will change in an hour”. They said last week that we were suppose to get snow Friday night and get 1-3″, never happened. Then Saturday night we were suppose to get sleet and then changing over to snow early Sunday morning.

We just got the sleet and ice, maybe 1-3″.

Sunday morning we discovered we were out of tea bags. We gave up soda a year ago and we drink sweet tea, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, and water now. Tea bags are vital to the survival of our house.

We live a ten minute walk from Wal-Mart, 3 minute drive. My husband and I decided to walk it since de-thawing the car meant an extra 30 minutes and wasted gas. The walk there was not bad, a bit cold at 2 with the wind-chill. We got to Wal-Mart and I step on the walk from the side parking lot and hit what I thought was wet pavement and BAM, I was on my rear!

I put my hand out and down and they took the brunt of my fall. I am lucky I fell on my rear and not my back or hit my head. My husband helped me up and we went in and got our 8 items we had to have, none of which was bread, eggs, or milk.

As we were leaving I told the cashier they really need to put ice melt down on the side-walk. She grabbed a manager/supervisor and I told her what I had just told the cashier. Her response was “that is what we deal with” she didn’t care a customer could have been hurt. We walked out and we saw a guy putting salt down at the entrance. I told him you should put some ice melt down over there. He said “Manager says I need to only cover where people walk”. Um??? People walk on the walks and they don’t teleport from their cars to the front door!

We left and walked back home, as I started to thaw at home things started hurting. Of course my rear end, both hands, my right elbow, my shoulders, and my mid-back area which caused my chest to hurt.

I still hurt today and I have a lovely bruise on my right hand that make grabbing anything painful. I have a small bruise on my left hand and my chest still hurts, but hey it is only when I breathe. Maybe I will breathe less.


I have to say I am severely disappointment in Wal-Mart and the management team. I only really buy two things there. I am no longer going to be a customer. I will drive the extra few miles now and shop at Target or my local grocery store.

Like Taylor Swift sings…… “We are never ever, ever getting back together We! Are never ever, ever getting back together”.

I will blog later about my organization I did yesterday in a bit.


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