Long Time No Post


I feel like it is the right tome to get back into blogging. My life has been turned inside out and upside down and loopy to loop.

Last you knew I had just buried my mother-in-law. That night my oldest son was arrested and the next day my Grandmother passed away. I had the trifecta of all bad luck in a 36 hour period. My son stayed in jail for 4 months and when he got out he was a better person. He has gotten off the liquor and drugs and found an inner peace.

I went to working 32+ hours for a local shipping store. I left school because life kept getting in the way.

My kids have started another year of school.

My daughter is now a freshman in high school and running Cross Country and she is really good at it. She place 9th in her first meet and 21st in her second meet. We call her Gump and she has no idea what that means. Homecoming is coming up and she got a cute pink dress which her Uncle Scott will not approve of. She has her permit and is learning to drive, lord be with me!


My youngest son is now a 4th grader and in the PE Club once a week at school. He is turning into a wonderful young man and keeps us on our toes.

I am still trying to get down to my goal weight. I have lost 25lbs since January. I have fallen out of a fitness routine but plan to get back into one this next week. My husband still works out almost everyday at 5am.

Life seems to be settling into a cycle and I feel I have the time to blog again. This will cut into my CandyCrush time but I think I will live!




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