Across Missouri and back

I spent most of today traveling from one side of Missouri to the other.

My husband’s mother died back in November of cancer. It was a fast time from when we found out to when she died. I was her caretaker in her final days along with hospice. We had her cremated. It takes a few weeks to get the ashes back and today we spread her ashes next to her mother and father in her plot.

While we were in Kansas City we had to go say goodbye to my 82 year old Grandmother. She has Alzheimer’s and Wednesday she fell an took a turn for the worse. She is unresponsive and has a weak pulse and very labored breathing.

All of her kids have made it to her side. My two aunts live close by. My uncle lives in another state and made it Thursday. My father was out of the country and it took him over two days of travel to make to her bedside.

The hospice taking care of her is the same we had with my mother in law. In fact it is the same team! Small world.

Currently we are traveling back to our house. We have a few days before we are traveling back across Missouri for her funeral.

I have to say I am not sad that she is dying but happy that she lived a very full life. Four children, seven grandchildren, and fourteen great grandchildren. It is her time to go and I know we shall meet again in heaven.


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