Yes, I know I have been MIA for a few days but I have a very good reason.I woke up Monday with a tooth ache and really didn’t think anything of it. I have bad teeth and have had since I was little. Tuesday I woke up to half of my face swollen and hardly able to open my eye. Nasty bit really. I always knew that I would need to have my teeth pulled this year, just not so soon.


Tuesday I got in to see the dentist around 10am and by 11am I had molds done of my teeth. I went home to rest before I was to go back at 3pm. Well, things got changed and it was moved to 2pm on Wednesday. My dad came to pick me up and take me to his house to chill before they pulled my teeth.



Yes, I had two broken teeth in the front.

Yes, I had 12 teeth pulled Wednesday. Yes, I now have dentures on the top. And YES, I was awake through all of this! At the time it didn’t hurt so much as it was a lot if pressure. Wednesday night at 8pm I was in horrible pain. Last night at 8pm I was regretting the whole thing. Food is no longer fun to eat or think about. Today is better, food is still not fun.



Here I am last night. Different  to look into the mirror and see straight teeth on me for the first time since I was 16 yeas old and had braces.


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