Ahhh Monday!

Back from my weekend of cooking! It was a good weekend, nothing caught on fire. No one got sick from the food. I did get a speeding ticket on the way home, it was just zoned in on driving not watching my speed limit. I got to go to court in March for it.

I did try to catch up on my school work, without a book, for a week’s worth of work last night. I did get the discussion questions done but not the paper. I was a late add to the class.

Today, I headed over to Organizing Made Fun to see that I didn’t win again. I didn’t expect I would. I’m a loser baby! WOO HOO! I am ok with it.

I am tired today, I think I got 6 hours of sleep down at camp. I did take a nap yesterday but  I am still very tired.

Happy news…….. my two days of walking to work last week have allowed me to fit into my skinny jeans without jumping and the wiggle dance.



One thought on “Ahhh Monday!

  1. Whatever we have that isn’t broken goes up there. As with most other out of doors Christmas decorations,. a mysterious personage who, in the bleak light of dawn one Christmas morning, stumbled on a foundling – a baby camera tenderly wrapped in a little travel rug and gently place in a tiny wicker sleigh, discretely left at her front door.


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