Happy New You

I was raised in the RLDS faith, we are now called the Community of Christ Church. While I love my faith and believe in the teaching that were taught to me as a child, I find the local congregation lacking. I always have since we moved to St. Louis in 1989.

We moved from the Kansas City area which is the world headquarters for the church and I went to school with kids of my faith and the youth ministries was huge there. When we moved to St. Louis it was a huge shock to go to school and only have one other person of my faith.


The local congregation doesn’t have a large youth group, in fact if we went my daughter would be it. At Junior High camp last summer I had many members tell me to find a bible based church and just go and try it out. My kids needed it and I needed it.

There were two church in mind that are both within 5 miles of my house. The problem is I have going somewhere new that I don’t know anyone. Both of these churches are quite large and I would get panic attacks just thinking about it.

Than something happened in my life that changed EVERYTHING. I had a rough day at the end of October and we were broke, flat broke….. like I am counting pennies for milk type of broke. My son had a condition and the medicine he required cost $50, which was my food money for the week. I had a ton of things and the weight was more than I could bare. I was up at school picking up a boy I watched after-school, my son was at home and couldn’t go to school, and I lost it. I told God “I give up, do what you want!”

It was at that point that a woman we shall call “A” came up to me to ask if I was ok. I lost it totally, I started bawling, and she just hugged me. It was what I needed at that point in time in my life. “A” said a small prayer right than and there, offered to bring me dinner, and became my friend. When she dropped off dinner later that night I found something in with the meal, a letter and money. She had no idea that the money was much-needed for groceries in the house and how much of a blessing she bestowed upon myself and my family.

A few weeks later I asked her if I could go to church with her. I knew the church from another friend that went there. She said she and we looked at our schedules and settled on an up coming Saturday night service. well, than things took a turn for the worse and my mother-in-law ended up dying of cancer. I went to be her caregiver with hospice in her final week of life. That is when I knew I needed God back in my life more than ever.

Upon returning to St. Louis from taking care of my mother-in- law, I went to church the following Saturday with my two younger children. I have to say the rock band at the beginning the rock band was a little  weird for me. I am from a church that it is by a schedule that is printed for you to follow. You sing from hymnals and it is up down, up down, and a little on the stiff side. Which is OK  but it is not what I needed in my life now. This church was a smack in the face, but in a good way. I walked away feeling refreshed and good about the world again.

I have been back every Saturday since. The messages are good and have real life value to them. My kids love going and they even have a Wednesday night service for her and the 150+ youth that attend.


The new series for this year is Happy New You and you can find these on podcast through iTunes or go here. This week we have a bit of homework as we look at ourselves. You can see the downloadable worksheet here. Here is what he wants us to look at, and I will post my answers tomorrow.

  • My personal purpose statement
  • Faith – My one goal in faith this year is to
  • Family – My one goal for family this year is to
  • Fitness – My one goal in fitness this year is to
  • Finances – My one goal in finances this year is to
  • Friends – My one goal for friends this year is to
  • Future – My one goal for the future this year is to
  • Fun – My one goal for fun this year is to

Take some time to today and go over these and see where you see yourself going this year.


2 thoughts on “Happy New You

  1. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly loved browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!


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