Cluttered home, cluttered mind?

I feel like my house is a disorganized hot bed of messiness just waiting to explode. I feel like every little bit I get ahead, it puts me ten steps back. Just when I think I have something all settled down, a spark lights it all back up. It doesn’t help that my family just doesn’t care and figures mom will fix it or clean it.


I was on Pinterest and found some great sites for organizing my home. I came across one site and thought to myself ……. hmmmm yes you could do this or at least look at all the great pins and think about doing think. What?!? I am being totally honest about this. Besides she made her blog sound interesting and fun.

New Years Organizing Challenge Banner


She gives you a nice little calendar you can print off and put on your fridge to help you through the week, or serve as a nice piece on your refrigerator and make people think you are doing it. But than that creates a whole new problem as they will want to see your progress. So, you might as well print it of, do the things each week, and be proud of yourself at the end of the month. Who knows you might win some prizes!

So, This whole new organization room by room starts on Monday, December 31, 2012. I know, I know…. not the new year…. get over it.

Are you in or out?



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