Back-to-School & PBJ

My kids start back to school next Wednesday, August 15th. Yes I know it is early and coming up fast. You should note that we get out of school around May 24th next year.

So, today I started preparing my kids for the upcoming school year. Today they got up by 8:30am, tomorrow they will get up 30 minutes earlier and the next day 30 minutes earlier. This way by the time we get to next Wednesday it is not a big deal.

I love filling freezer with food and making my life easier and my family’s life better.

Today, I made 24 PB&J sandwiches and put them in the freezer. I have done this before and have learned to do it a certain way. I buy 2 loaves of bread, a jar of natural peanut butter, and a squeezable jelly. I buy one for just this project because I have learned from the past, you go through a bit of jelly and peanut butter doing this.

I buy a box of storage bags and put the date and what is in them on 24 bags.

I pull out one loaf of  bread and stack it, then I start spreading on the peanut butter.

Once I have this done, I squeeze the jelly on and using a separate knife I spread the jelly.

Next I pull out the second loaf of bread and stack it and start spreading peanut butter on the tops and make the sandwiches.

Last I put them in their bags and squeeze out all the air, this helps with the storage and air is bad! I have this nice new Fridge and the freezer is on the bottom. Inside I have these nice little drawers on top. I use one for breakfast items and the other for lunch items. I stack a row of the sandwiches in the drawer. I put the leftovers in gallon ziploc bags and store them in my chest freezer downstairs.

I make PB&J sandwiches every other week to keep up with the demand in my house. Each month I use a different colored sharpie to label and I use the first in first out system. I constantly have a supply of ready made sandwiches for the kids and my husband for lunch or a snack.


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