Back to school

Long time no post! I know, I know, I know. I am trying to make a comeback and this epic winter-storm that is now slamming into us, I have the extra time. I can’t promise you long drawn out posts but I can promise you that I will post a picture and a small description of what I am doing everyday.

So, what have I been doing? Well, on January 3, 2011 I started Culinary school in baking and pastries at Le Cordon Bleu. So, far I am loving it! I really do mean loving it too.

Today there is sadly no school for me! 😦 I love going to school and learning something new each day. I did manage to get into to school yesterday with the ice that was falling from the sky. There was only about 20 students total for the 1pm classes that showed up. It was a small class and we stayed for about an hour or so.

I also plan on making a picasa web album for all of my school projects I have been working on. I will post the link when I get the chance.


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