A break-up letter……

Dear Nick Jr.,
No offense, but I am so over you. I have to say that this could not have come a minute sooner. My 6-year-old announced today that you are too babyish for his 1st Grader taste, Thank God!

I am over Blue sca-dooing, being the map, being the rescue pack, constantly wondering where on earth Max & Ruby’s parents are, pretending my backyard is a pirate ship, and being a flipping Wonder Pet. I have pets and they are not all that great, you create a world my pets now have a complex about. My pets can never live up to that pressure. You will be receiving a bill for the therapy my pets now have to go through, I have 11 pets receiving treatment.

Maybe just maybe we can move on to another favorite station. You know, one without such an annoying song that plays multiple times in every episode. (Do those cartoons exist?!?) I am sorry but we have found your replacement, I know it is a rebound channel and it may be short-lived but I am taking that risk.

Nick Jr., I would like to tell you that it us and not you, but I would be lying! It is totally you! I don’t think we can be friends either, what we need right now is space and lots of it.

Your Former Child Watching Mommy


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