Blogging Etiquette 101

Rule #1

Don’t blog about things that can get you fired or cause you to lose a relationship over! Unless you are totally cool with getting fired from that job or friend/family member!

Rule #2

Links are your friends! Yes, they are! Tell people who you are reading blog from. Tell people where you found some info from or got a recipe from. Share the love baby!

Rule #3

Comment, comment, comment! If you visit a blog and enjoy it, it’s good MANNERS to let them know. But don’t let the comment be all about you and your blog, that is rude! Just let your comment enhance it. Anonymous comments suck, don’t suck! Commenting on someone else’s blog is easy, there’s usually a line under the name and email for a link.  SPam is so not cool, don’t be a square.

Rule #4

Be Regular, like getting your daily fiber! Nobody likes to visit a site only to see the same post from last month sitting there. Eventually they’ll just stop coming and then you suck!

Rule #5

Don’t be long-winded and go on and on and on and on and well you get the point.  There are times when it’s alright to expound a bit. But remember to leave them wanting more! Like a first date don’t show your goodies and tricks the first night!

Rule #6

Do all that’s in your power to have proper punctuation, spelling, paragraph returns, etc. Hucked un fonic iz great too learned yous english, it wurked fer me.


Mix it up, variety is the spice of life. We all know that this squirrel is very spicy! Make your readers have no earthly idea what you are going to post next. Make this a place for visual, emotional, and intellectual stimulation. Use pictures, videos, articles, links—but use them well, and use good judgement (refer to Rule #1).

Rule #8

Be controversial, but be real. Ruffle some feathers, or stir the pot a bit. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be wrong, I am always wrong but right in my mind.

Rule #9

Do it for yourself, like the channel. Don’t be driven by the stats or comments, or do and obsess over it and get less sleep it is all up to you. Put stuff out there that is important to you and let the nut fall where it may.

Rule #10

Rules are made to be broken, so break some but not the dishes mother doesn’t like it when we break the dishes. Make it yours and be happy with it.

Rule #11

Use your words like your mother told you as a child. Think and write for yourself. Using other people’s words and passing them off for yours is WAY WRONG! Quotes are good, but give credit where credit is due! Same goes for pictures!



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