Back pain and weird dreams

I am not sure if the two are linked but I am starting to think so.

I back is having these awful spasms. I have some meds to relax them and take away the pain.

Wonderful, right? I thought so till last night’s dream.

So, I am having this dream and well…….. sex! It is just getting good when all of the sudden two squirrels bust into the room having a light saber fight. It last about 30 seconds and then poof – gone!

Ok, back to the good stuff! Getting good again and BANG the squirrels and the light sabers are back!


Again they leave within 30 seconds. Back to my business, just getting ready to…… BANG they are back!


At this point I wake up to the noise in real life. I sit up in bed and ask my hubby if he heard that.

He is like hear what? And than proceeds to try to talk to me, SHUT UP! You can’t hear it if you are talking. DUH!

So, here I am sitting in bed trying to convince myself the noise was really but starting to doubt myself and the pink elephant is the room is staring at me. My hubby is probably thinking that I have finally gone over the edge and the meds put me there.

I can see him giving me this look out of the corner of my eye. You know the look where he thinks you have lost it and he is finally going to be right about something for once in our 13 years of marriage.


Than it starts again! And hubby looks at me and says it does sound like a light saber fight! But it is a………..

It is a FROG! I think it is Janette’s boyfriend!  The noises he was making sounded like a light saber fight. I have to find him today and kill him!

They only thing missing was this…..


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