Must Feed Habit……..

I must feed the habit! I have to feed the habit!

Ok so I walked out of Wal-Mart with three scrapbooking items. You should have heard hubby’s rage! “You are taking it back!” But it was on clearance and I will hide it well.

So it rained today yet again! Tired of all these flash thunderstorms. The hail is not doing wonders for my car either.

What to do while it is pouring outside and kids are in my room watching a Blu-Ray movie?

HMMMMMMM! Scrapbook! I pulled out a two page kit I got, like two years ago. It was on the top so I did it. Can I say, I hate using the chaulks!

Here are the two finished pages. I don’t really have current friends I go and hang out with so I might did up high school pictures and do a whole album with high school and friends. Right now they are sitting in my scrapbooking closet in a protective folder with no pictures attached. But when I am ready for those two pages they will be ready!


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