Tuesday Tip Jar




This summer is shaping up to be an eventful summer for my family.

Question is how do I survive and how do my children survive?

Don’t try and fill every minute of everyday, it will only exhaust you and the kids don’t need that much stimulation. If you work or have other commitments remember quality is more important than quantity. Just relax and try and enjoy it yourself, it’s your holiday too. Don’t feel guilty if you pack the kids off for the day, or get a sitter in for a night out. Other adults can bring in fresh entertainment for the kids too and it gives everyone a break.

Give your kids a chance to get bored. How many times do you hear kids whining, ”I’m bored”? It’s ok for them to get bored! Give their imaginations a chance to come up with ideas to fill in those long hours. If you are trying to balance the needs of a range of ages get them to come up with ideas – have a family meeting to decide. Make sure that young people get unstructured chill-out time. They need it as much as adults. They aren’t being aimless or lazy if they spend their free time hanging around, watching TV, playing on the computer, listening to music – or even not getting out of bed until lunchtime!


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