Don’t call it a comeback….

I call it WAR!

The lines have been drawn and the sides have been choosen.

The Adults vs. Spawn Children. And I must say that the adults are outnumbered 3-2!

God grant me wisdom to know what to do, control to keep my cool, and the capacity to understand, cause if i pray for strength I’ll rip their freaking head off!

I think Pat Benatar said it best:

We are young
Heartache to heartache we stand
No promises, no demands
Love is a battlefield

I spent the better part of Monday cleaning the upstairs. Cleaned the kitchen and living room. It was awesome! I than dismantled the bathroom to strip the wallpaper and started painting. I made very little mess.

The 17 yr. old spent all day yesterday painting his room with his girlfriend and cleaning it. (By the way, NEVER befriend your son’s girlfriend on Facebook. BAD IDEA!) Today the room has a new color scheme but it still looks a mess. There are things out in the hall, things in corners, and he needs to back the things he got out in the big room. Not to mention I finished cleaning out his paint supplies, properly.

The 11yr spent the day at a friend’s house. She left Sunday at about 10am and didn’t return until 7pm Monday. I told her she could not be there all day.

The 6 yr.  just leaves a wake of chaos in his wake everywhere he goes. Playdough on the kitchen carpet and table. Breakfast dishes still at the table. Pee all over the toliet and I do mean ALL over!

I have just had my last nerve pulled.WARNING! WARNING! DETONATING IN 10…9..8..7.6..5..4..3..2..

Today, I watched a few show in my room to let the kids watch cartoons upstairs. I come upstairs and there is a HUGE kool-aid spill all over the counter. Dishes everywhere. The kitchen table a wreck. Dog poop in the kitchen. Green furry crap all over the living room floor. And where are the children?

Oldest is in his room playing on the computer. Middle child is sitting in the midest of everything not paying attention. The youngest is downstairs playing xbox.

I am feeling like a door mat, welcoming to everyone but always walked all over!!!

I asked who spilt the kool-aid, I am thinking this was my last straw, and NO ONE took responsibility.

NO MORE! They are all grounded until someone admitts to the spill. They can be grounded for hte day or all summer. makes no difference to me. They have nice rooms and nice toys. They can stay there.

I am about to go all crazy white chick on you . . . back off

I am reclaiming my house!  It is mine and the children will wage war, no doubt, but the victory will be mine!

 Today is brought to you by the letter W, T and F.


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