The Horror of Summer Vacation

The horror has begun today! Last day of school was yesterday. I now have a 1st grader, a 6th grader, and a s-s-senior in high school. That means in the fall i will have a child in elementary, middle school, and high school.

Monster child got up this morning and started complaining for the get go. I could here Frank telling him to stop and that he was grounded all the way downstairs.

Frank left and the younger two children were up. Monster child walks, not knocks, into my room and starts complaining about the Wii. I was sleeping or at least trying to sleep. I listened for 5 minutes and than told him to stop that everyone would get a chance to play or no one would.

Ok, let’s touch on a few things. The Wii is M-I-N-E not the children’s toy. I bought it to get into shape using the fit board. They have a xbox and there are two computers in the house they can play on with KidZui.

KidZui is the internet for kids. KidZui is a free Web browser, search engine and online playground for kids 3-12. Kids have the freedom to learn, play, search and discover over 2 million games, websites, videos and photos on their own. KidZui has the largest number of games, websites, videos and photos reviewed by parents and teachers anywhere. Kids can find what they need to help with schoolwork, by themselves. Kids safely express themselves, with their Zui, backgrounds, tags and online status. KidZui eliminates the need for parents to constantly watch over their kids’ shoulder, when they are online. Parents know what their kids are doing online and they can connect by sharing content. KidZui sends a weekly email that tells you what your kids are doing online. The KidZui parent account lets you share content and set limits.

I hate hate HATE summer vacation. I always loose my house to the children. I like things in a set way and the children bring chaos. My daughter is using the living, monster child is in the office, and the angel child is not here but he would have a claim somewhere.

It will take me a week or two and I will figure out a way to clean and give everyone space in the house.

Right now I have locked myself away in my bedroom with my laptpop and my homework. I do have to go to work later so I will get an escape from the fighting and bickering.

My goal is to regain my house by June 6th! D-Day!


One thought on “The Horror of Summer Vacation

  1. I am with you! I’m not looking forward to summer break at ALL. I have a 16 year old who only speaks to me when she wants something. Even though she’s been old enough to drive since February, she still hasn’t taken the initiative to get enough practice hours for her drivers license. Which means that she is going to be moping around the house all summer or begging me to chauffeur her to the beach, summer school, her job, etc. I will be lucky to get a grunted “thanks” as she slams the car door. Lovely.

    At least my son, who is two and a half, still loves me. I try to remember that he will soon be a teenager too and will want nothing to do with me. Sometimes it’s hard to remember when you’re reading “The Lorax” for the 8th time that day. 🙂

    BTW – glad you and your kids like KidZui! I’m the new KidZui Mom and I’m always thrilled to hear that I’ve joined the right team.


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