Taboo or living in the past?

As many of you know I am returning to school, online. One of my classes is Health and this week we are into Birth Control and STIs. I know that this is a very taboo subject but I am going there.

Here is the Discussion question posted:

How do decisions regarding birth control affect reproductive health?

Here is my answer:

      The decisions regarding birth control affect reproductive health in many ways for both parties involved. Today we have knowledge to better understand reproduction and how to control or enhance reproduction. Better information and technology makes us more knowledgeable than our grandparents generation. Today we can choose if and when we want to have children. With this knowledge in our hands we have more control over our reproductive health. The contraceptions one choose can also prevent the transmission of diseases and help to prevent female issues.
     There are many forms of contraceptions our there to choose from and what you choose depends on your comfort level and how effective it is. The male condom  is the only temporary means of birth control available for men. The latex and polyurethane condoms are the only ones that effectively prevent the spread of some STIs and HIV. The effectiveness of male condoms is dependant of both partners taking the time and effort to use it.
     Females have more choices in contraceptions and all depend on the female and her personal choice. Jellies, creams, foams, suppositories, and film are a barrier form that do not require a prescription. The female condom is a single-use polyurethane sheath that when used provides protection against HIV and STIs that its male condom counterpart. Diaphragms are small shallow cups made of thin latex and must be fitted by a practitioner. Diaphragms and cervical caps when used with spermicidal jelly or cream offers protection against gonorrhea and possibly chlamydia and HPV, but not HIV. Oral contraceptives lower the risk of several health conditions, including endometrial and ovarian cancers, non-cancerous breast disease, osteoporosis, ovarian cysts, PID, and iron-deficiency anemia.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Here is what some of my classmates said.

I agree that it should not always fall on the females responsibility.  I think men should have more responsibility in that department than they do.  I have heard to many times from male friends that it isn’t their responsibility, it is the women’s, she is the one that always gets pregnant.  I think most men look at birth control like a joke.  

I think a lot of the man point of view has to do with how he was taught. Think about it. He was probably given a speech by his father and his father was given a speech by his father and so on and so on. It is a chain of events. Men still have a long way to go in their thinking that it is not the woman’s sole responsibility. I know I looked at my husband and said “you need to talk to your son about safe sex”. Good thing we talked about what was to be said before hand. My son also know because he is a product of a teenage pregnancy and an absent sperm donor. He know what a woman goes through and is very thoughtful when it come to women and that sort of thing. I think we as mothers can’t not just expect our husbands to know the right thing to say. I think this needs to be a two parent conversation to break the chain of knowledge that is passed down.

I think we as a society rely on the school system to teach our kids about safe sex. The schools are very limited in how much they can teach. Than, as we all remember, teenagers think that they are untouchable! That what they are talking about cannot happen to them. They see young adults having all sort of relationships on tv and never showing any protective measures. I think parent need to be more involved as the next generation comes to age. You can only preach so much to adults but to the younger ones we can make a change.Your thoughts?


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