Recipe #3

When thinking about today’s recipe I wanted to move to a different cookbook. I knew that I had wonderful recipes just waiting for me to discover. So, I grabbed this book………….and the first thought was “Nothing good will come from this book”.

I was sooooooooo right!

This was nothing but pure evil for a gal trying to lose weight! So, I picked up this book thinking ‘this could be just as bad”.

Ok, not soooo bad. I my opinion anything with Martha Stewart is just pure evil but I put my feelings aside and flipped through the pages and found a few I could live with and that my family would like too.

I settled on this one!

The ingredients were simple and the design was easy, so I thought. Remember Martha is evil!

I mixed up my stuff and went to make my first braid/twist. Um Martha it FALLS APART! It didn’t like to twist some much.

But I notices after 3-4 that they made awesome ribbons! Ribbons? Ribbons? Idea!

Wasn’t exactly sure how to make the color I wanted to I got a close as I could. PINK!

I got pink ribbons! I guess you could make them for any cause you wanted but this was so easy. Gonna have to make these again in June for the Susan G. Komen race and then for October to give to friends!


I turned them over half way through their 30 minute bake time. They are great little cookies! Yum!

This was a fairly easy recipe, minus to burn on my arm from the hot cookie sheet! It will be ok! Maybe Marth is not pure evil, but still close!


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