Chill in the air

Bit a chill in the air today, it is currently 46 degrees outside. Didn’t bother me for my walk, just threw of a sweatshirt and left the house.
Bit frustrated today! Been watching my calories and eating way better. Drinking lots of water. And I have been exercising, making sure I burn more calories than I take in. So, why have I gained weight and not lost!? I am telling myself that muscle weighs more and that next week I will start shedding the pounds. At least that is hope!
Going to tackle cleaning the hall closet that I keep all my scrapbooking things in.
I need new shoes! Gonna work on my Cafepress store so I can get a pair of Nike Shox. I want to be running by my anniversary!
Well time to head home! Music at Starbucks stinks today! Be back later with my recipe, what will today hold for us? Check back in!

Lator Gators!

Mad Squirrel


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