Storms rolling in

I can’ t believe that last night I was worried that it might actually rain this morning and I could not go on my walk!
No rain yet! But it looks like the sky could open up and pour. I walked with my hoodie on and my umbrella in the front pouch. Not that I car if I get wet, but for the safety of my walking companions. 🙂 How would I walk without my music? What would I do once I got here with no phone to blog on?!
I am excited about today’s recipe! Although I think I will be going with a ginger snap straw instead! Mmmmmmmm!
I am in just great mood today! Which is amazing since I go to bed not really ready for it and toss and turn for an hour. I think I am ready but I get there and nothing! I am actually smiling for no real reason than I am happy and feel good. Allergies are bothering me a bit but it is to be expected this time of the year with me!
Well, I need to be getting back home before the rain hits! See you later today!

Later Gators!

Mad Squirrel


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