Recipe #2

Did you know you can make pudding and not from a box!

“What you talking about Willis?”

No really you can make pudding from scratch and it doesn’t take much more time than the box does. Plus I think it tastes better. Move over Bill Cosby and take your pudding and puddin pops with you. Mad Squirrel double chocolate pudding has arrived!

 This is from the same book as yesterday and I think I might be in love! 🙂

The recipe calls for whole-milk but I used 2%. You can use whatever you like and of course the calorie count per serving would go down. My calorie serving is about 150 calories. Yippie!

 The ingredients were pretty basic! Milk, sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, cornstarch, instant COFFEE, salt, semi-sweet chocolate (chopped), and vanilla extract! You mix all the dry ingredients, minus the chocolate and vanilla, in a saucepan. You heat the milk in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes. Than mix the milk with the dry ingredients and heat on medium heat. till it thickens.

 Than you pull it off the heat and add the vanilla nd chocolate and mix till melted. Than you pour into your cups and cover with plastic wrap and chill.

 It say that you can serve warm too, if you like that. You put the plastic wrap on it to keep a skin from forming. The pudding will last up to 5 days!

I am sorry if you were looking for the white wine crackers, I promise to try them in the near future! Not telling you what tomorrow’s recipe will be, just gonna have to come back and see!


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