Try something new…..

   So, I am sitting her watching Julia & Julie and I am loving it. I ususally never share my dreams with people but…… I always wanted to be a chef or a baker. I am a good cook and love to try new things.

Back to what I am thinking……. I am going to try a new recipe each and everyday till the end of the year. I have a million cookbooks around the house and than there is the never ending internet with its wealth of databases.

What do you think? It could be as simple as a new tea drink or cookies or maybe get really brave and do something hard like a quiche or whatever! Just to try something new!

Break out of the mold that we are living in and broaden our horizons!

I am so doing it! of course I am finishing the movie first but than I am doing it. I’ll post my recipe and results later. I’ll call it the …….. hmmm help me think of a name!

Leave me a comment if you are going to join me.


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