Breaking a sweat

I took a shortcut on my walk today as I had a Redbox to return at Wally World. There is a small path between the road to our subdivision and Wally World. I took it, but remember my post yesterday? It was muddy! So I bounced around from dry patch to dry patch. I made it with only a spot of mud on me!
I fear for my life at times crossing the intersections in the shopping plaza by my house. Oh they have the little buttons and I push them and wait you the little white man to appear before I start walking.. Yesterday I had the go and was starting to walk when this lady in a mini-van almost hits me! She waved me on to proceed, ut than yells out her window to me to “get a car”! Get a car? Um Hello you fat cow, I am being healthy! I hope her car runs away from her!
So today, I am actually sweating from my walk! I did pick up the pace, but it is also much warmer today! I actually have to walk this early due to my allergies but I actually like it a lot!
Alright my time in Starbucks is nearing an end and I must get home do a bit of yoga, cleaning, laundry, and homework!

Later Gators!

Mad Squirrel


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