After the rain

I love thunderstorms! Of course it hasn’t always been that way. As a child they frightened me to death, sending me screaming for my mother in the middle of the night. Of course with age it has gotten better. Now a days it gives me a cheap thrill to see the lighting flash and than wait for the crackle or the loud boom to follow.
With age I am learning that what I like even more is the morning after the rain. I love the smells the most.
This morning walking through the neighborhood I could smell someone using their dryer and the smell of the fabric softer lofting through the air.
I could smell fresh flowers in bloom.
But the smell I like most is the smell of rain. Now either you can smell it or you can’t. It is hard to describe and for each person it is a bit different. To me it is a sweet, musky, heavy smell that when you breathe it in you just can’t quite get enough of it.
I also love the sights of wet pavement. I guess it is from going to Worlds of Fun and working at Six Flags all those years ago. Wet pavement is like a clean slate. The water and winds clear away all of the litter and chalk artwork and leave behind a fresh canvas to start again.
Easter was good at our house. My mother and brother came over for lunch. The Easter Bunny was good to the kids and bad to their teeth. Of course I ate to much and not the right thing but today I am to the diet.
When I started morning this morning my body screamed out in protest. Three days of not walking and my muscles were a bit stiff.
My plan for today are to walk over to Wal-Mart and get a Redbox, walk home, pay a bill, go to my classes, mess around with Facebook, and than clean my room, do some laundry, and clean out my scrapbooking closet. Sound like fun?

Later Gators!

Mad Squirrel


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