Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and it is a wonderful day outside. It is 87 here in the eastern part of Missouri. My kids have the day off today so I didn’t walk this morning.
Westley got the civic into our driveway today and now wants to drive it. Ok, first he doesn’t know how to drive a stick and he wants to drive it to a crowded shopping place and put others in dander? No! Second it is not licensed or insured! Second No! Last, we don’t have it paid for, the title, and we have a lot of work to do on it. Third No! So, here I sit in my car waiting for him to cash his check and buy a few things.
The younger ones had a picnic out in the front yard with some kids up the street. It was the perfect day to do so. Meanwhile, I stuck inside do to the high winds and time of day.
Westley is back and he wants to go get some thing to eat.
Later Gators!

Mad Squirrel


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