healthy is not easy

I knew the road to getting me healthy was not going to be easy. I have spent to many years just letting it slide. Currently, I am half way through my walk and sitting at my local Starbucks, drinking my Iced Nonfat Caramel Macchiato. On my way here I noticed that my legs had more of a tinglely feeling today, guess it is those muscles screaming at me for the years of neglect and than sudden use.
I will say that yesterday I only used 1850 for my 2000 calories and I have lost half a pound. I am hoping it ran away and writes to its friends begging them to join him.
Must say that my spirits are better today than they have been in weeks. I did get a job yesterday and while it is only part-time it works for me and my family. I got my health homework done yesterday without out any fit throwing, on my part. I am also feeling better about the class as a whole.
Well, my drink is almost done and I need to head over to Lowes to find a new screen door latch as Winston has learned the current one and let’s himself and the other dogs out at his will!.
Later Gators!

Mad Squirrel


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