Pogo Wednesday

It is Wednesday and that means new badge day on Pogo. Badges are for Club Pogo members only. It is great and you know you want to join. I can send you a three day guest pass if interested.

This week’s badges:

Crazy Cakes: Upside Down Cake Badge
Meet the Goal for 25 rounds without losing any customers this week!
Win this badge plus 3000 Tokens!

Lottso!: Lottso Lava Badge
Activate 30 silver-bordered cards this week!

Personal Badge: vThis week I am doing the Pretty Word Badge
Find 20 ‘Gift Words’ this week! (Gift Words appear with letters missing on the word list. Progress granted for replaying completed puzzles) Win this badge plus 3,000 tokens.

Are you a Club Pogo memeber already? Let me know your ID and we can play together sometime!
Win this badge plus 2000 Tokens!


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