I’m back!

After a very long break, I am proud to say that I am back and will start blogging again. Life threw me some curve balls and I had to cut a few things out of my life and blogging just happened to be one of those things. Now that my life has settled back down again and I seem to be in a nice pattern in my life it was time to start blogging again.

So, let’s play catch up. I now longer work for the local Petland. After a year and a half I said good-bye. Working there was no longer healthy for me and it was a huge strain on my family. I was working 5-60 hours a week and getting paid $9.00 SALARY!! Crazy, I know. It worked out to like $6 an hour or something crazy like that. I didn’t have benefits either. My boss was also making an emotional wreck and no job is worth crying my eyes out 4-5 days a week. I’ll leave it at that.

We have 4 dogs now, yes I said 4. We have the two Beabulls, Winston and Abbey. Than we have the two Chihuahuas, Rico and Pedro. Winston is our tank now weighing in at 56 lb, Abbey is our flabby girl weighing in at 48 lb and needing to lose 2 pounds, Rico is now a year and weighs 7 lb, and Pedro is not quite 7 months old and weighs 4lb. Winston is the king of the group but Pedro fights him for it daily and depending on Winston’s mood, sometimes Pedro wins. Abbey is the Alpha of the group and if you step out of line she lets you know! Rico is the quite and shy boy of the group, very timid. Pedro is all chihuahua and thinks he is a big dog, like a mastiff.

We have also added 4 chinchillas to our household. They are awesome pets and each have their own little personalities. Meep is the black velvet 6 years old, he is the temperamental one of the group, but he is a huge beggar! Fudge is our 8 month old standard grey, he is very sweet and love to throw his….. well you know. Walle and Eva are our mated pair and Walle is 2 years old and Eva is a year and a half, they are rescues. Walle is a standard grey and Eva is a silver mosaic. They are great pet for me as they don’t bother my allergies. Just so you know, Walle and Eva are the only two that live together. Here is a link to show you the pretty colors I was talking about.

School…… I am going back to school. I am attending the University of Phoenix Online, Axia College for my associates degree. I want to get my full degree in business. I like going to school this way. I can fit in my schooling when it suits me, usually the afternoons before the kids get home and the house is quite. I also like that I take two classes at a time in 8 week blocks. I go to the website log on, go to my classroom, read the discussion threads, make comments, post my responses to the questions, and do a bit of light reading. Not too hard and broken down into manageable chunks that I can work with. I just started back last week and I can tell you right now, I hate my health class with a passion. I do have two credit that I can apply from going to UOP 6 years ago.

Work……. well I am not currently working. I am ok with that and we are getting by. I only want to work part-time so the field is limited. I was at Starbucks today, I walked, and was talking to our friend that owns the Going Postal store and he hired me for 3 days a week, 6 hours a day (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). I start in two weeks. I am very happy with it.

Health…..Not so happy about my health or my family’s health right now. According to the government I am obese! I may be a bit fluffy but I don’t think I am obese. Anyways I have started taking steps to lose my weight. I am walking everyday, usually up to Starbucks to get my 140 calorie drink and then back home. The walk there and back take 30 minutes, good start. I am only using FatSecret to help me keep track of my diet, exercise, and calorie count. It is a great site and they have apps for just about every cell phone.

Family….. Frank has a job again and is still doing painting work. Westley is still at Petland and work in the kennel a few days a week. He wrecked his car a few months back, he totalled the car. He is now buying the kid across the streets second car, more details to follow. Kalleigh is doing great in school and has started wearing make-up, lord help me. Bradley is doing great in Kindergarten and has lots of new friends. My in-laws are working their last day today, they are retiring today. We are trying to talk them into moving down here, I just want my hubby happy.

Well, there you have it….. the catch up in a nutshell. Catch me on Facebook or Twitter through the day!

Later Gators!

Mad Squirrel


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