I am currently in Branson, MO for a Trade Show put on by WPVS (West Plains Vet Supply).  Branson is about 4 hours from my house and in the opposite corner of the state from me. Here is a map so you can get an idea. The thing I had to do to get this trip.  I had to beg and beg and beg and than once I got the trip paid for I still had to BEG!  I took half a day off of work Thursday to get here and today I am taking the day off.  When I get back I have to go into work on Sunday but it is worth it.  Last week I put in 75 hours to get the store ready so I could leave!

Last night I didn’t do much, just relaxed. I’ll be taking lots and lots of photos today!  Here are some of the photos I do have!

This is actually still in St. Louis, Wildwood to be exact!  I love this stretch of road though!

This is about 15 miles outside Branson.  The billboards were killing me.  Lots of them and lots for Presleys!  But look at that hill in front of me!  My car was not happy about some of these hills!

Squirrely went up the hill and it was a tough climb!

Here is my room at the Radisson in Branson, MO.  Two beds and one little Squirrel!

Just another shot of the room!

Hey what is that on my bed?  What?  What is that?  You mean my bed is a sleep by number bed?  Oh this could be fun!!

Looks like they didn’t know that my name is Squirrel, not Swan!

I have this wonderful view!  I put the laptop on a table next to the window so I can look out!

After a quite dinner with 100 60+ people and a strawberry daiquiri I visited the hot tub and than settled in for the night!


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