Small Talk Six


Want to join the weekly meme? Head on over to MomDot. Every week, those participating respond to a different topic. The response is done in 6; either 6 words, 6 paragraphs, photos etc… This Week’s Small Talk Six Topic: Here are 6 talents I wish I possessed.

1.  I wish I could knit or crochet.  My mom can crochet and my grandmother tried to teach me to knit.

2.  I wish I could ballroom dance.  I would love to be graceful.

3.  I wish I could sing.  I think I am tone deaf but I sing like no one is listening.

4. I wish I could see the future.  Like Alice in Twilight.

5.  I wish I could put my dreams and daydreams into words and book.   I’ve always wanted to be a great writer.

6.  I wish I could grow vegetables.  I have a green thumb for flowers and that is it!


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