Wisdom 1

Wisdom for the Weekend : 1

Each Friday we will be adding a new theme of ‘wisdom for the weekend’ to our play here on HSMSHS.

Each Friday a photograph will be uploaded that was inspired by a quote, song lyrics, a poem….in fact any kind of inspirational text. If you would like to play along, just upload a photo inspired by this text and link to this post somewhere between friday morning and Sunday evening!

Here is our first ‘Wisdom for the Weekend’

The sacred lamp of day Now dipt in western clouds his parting day” by William Falconer (from ‘The Shipwreck’)

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3 thoughts on “Wisdom 1

  1. Isn’t it a lovely quote !

    Very evocative sky . . . and we both went for framing with trees . . . because great minds think alike 🙂

    I have given up with the blogging and usually post my photos on facebook. Who knows, one day I may return . . . but for now using the little extra time to do creating.

    Have a super weekend.


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