Life and people who make it impossible

So, I have been blogging in a few months. I changed my blog to a free site and I may have lost a few of you guys. Sorry. Life has been a bit of mass confusion! It all started back in April when I took the job of Inventory Manager. Oh, life would never be the same. At first it was easy but that was because there was two of us doing the job. Than mid way through May, Jeff left for Colorado and left me to swim with the sharks. Little did I know how much he did not teach me and I was left to figure it out on my own.
That is when my blogging stopped and my drowning in the sea of crap started. The last few weeks I have been putting in 9 to 11 hour days and coming home dead on my feet. This week is no different and I have already put in 32 hours in 3 days. I usually come home and eat (not usually) and than I head downstairs and hop on the XBox and play some games. I have grown tired of that.
Tonight I ate dinner, hopped on the computer, took a shower, hopped on my XBox and tried to play Call of Duty but found it completely stupid. I decided to hop on facebook and than I decided to blog. I am currently blogging to you, no one, and watching Twilight. I had to go buy a new copy since my boss lost my copy after I loaned it to him. Speaking of my boss, tha man calls me almost everyday after work or on the weekend. Tonight he called to ask a silly question about dog food. Now this question could have been left in a note and dealt with in the morning. It is weird how he just can’t leave me alone to enjoy my time away from work. My ring tone for work is Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You”. How funny!
So, let’s see what has happened since I stopped blogging.

  • Kids are out of school for the summer and “Monster Child” went to a Kindergarten Jump-Start program in our district for the month of June.
  • We added a third bird to our flock, Emerald a green-blue Quaker Parrot.  We have Indy a Parrotlette and Kiwi a blue-green Quaker Parrot.
  • The Beabulls, Winston and Abbey are a year old now.
  • We added a fourth pup to our pack.  Rico Suave is our big eared little Chihuahua.  He weighs all of 3 lbs. and 6oz and has ears the size of small satellite dishes but we love him and he loves me!
  • Bought a new car and got rid of Barbie, 1997 Malibu.  I now have a 2001 PT Cruiser that is fully loaded and I am in total love with it!
  • I also got a new cell phone and I must say that it is cute!

I am going to try to post on my other photo blog soon, so keep an eye out and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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