I am having a horrid killer day!  I woke up from a semi-sleepless night with a bit of a headache.  I went to work and my shipment that was suppose to come yesterday arrived bright and early.  Two palattes worth of dog food and merchandise.  I had the intern that is working with me put it away.  By this time we are open and my headache is getting worse.  I tried to eat and hoped it would go away.  No so lucky!  That only made things worse and made me sick to my stomach.

I had enough!  It was almost 1pm and I had 38 hours in for the week with two days left of work.  Time to go home!  I called my boss and explained the situtation and he said to get out of there and take my intern with me.  I did as I was asked with no looking back.  My last word as I left out the backdoor were, ” I am going home to go to bed and I am not answering the phone…… I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

I got home and told the kids I was going to bed.  They were quiet but the birds were not.  I cuddled up in bed with my little Rico and we took a nap together.  I woke up a few hours later and felt a bit better.  I can now hold down food and the headache is dull.  The birds are still quite noisey and the children are still quite.  Life is looking good.

We will see how it goes tomorrow!


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