> From left to right: Brother-in-law Rick watching my nephew Chad play catch with his son Devin…
Devin missing the ball…
WAIT!!!!… Chase and Macy want to play too…
Okay… Macy, throw the ball to Devin… and Chase you have to wait your turn.
MY dad’s sister Edna, my mom’s brother Vince, and the birthday girl herself, Lucille.

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. We are on vacation this week.

We went to Kansas City Monday and Tuesday and had a BBQ at my parents house for my mothers birthday.
My sisters, Connie and Diann, and their husbands were there along with two of my nephews, Chad and Nick, and their kids.
Good food and good times.
Just glad they all left when they did….


2 thoughts on “>Vacation

  1. >Great!! Thanks!! We all thought the same thing! LOL. Good to see you guys again and thanks for everything. It was a great time and to see everyone. Love you guys and talk to you soon.Love,Baby Sista/Diann


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