>Bogota mishap

>To everyone who follows me on this blog.

I am alive and well in Anchorage, Alaska.

We did lose another 747 in a crash 15 miles north of Bogota, Columbia.

Eight (8) crew on board, all survived. Some hospitalized.

All that is known now, is that they had a problem(s) after takeoff and tried to return to the airport. They went in about 15 miles north of the airport.

Will post normal stuff later…


One thought on “>Bogota mishap

  1. >Hi Ron I can’t believe I found this blog….you may not remmember me but I worked with you at swbell in KC (Jo Morard) I also bumped into you and your wife when my son was in 2nd grade at the grade school behind mid rivers drive….I can’t remember if John had one of your kids in his class…….? FZSOUTH 2005? anyway I still live in St Peters and teach in Francis Howell (Bryan Middle) It was so much fun reading your blog and I’m glad you guys are doing well……………the weirdest thing was I woke up one morning recently with the name Ron Twente in my mind…I had a crazy dream about SWBell in KC and I thought I am going to google Ron and see what comes up.. I’m glad all is well and you and your wife seem to have a great life. So here is a hello and take care…Jo Morard


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