>Scott Kalitta

>I normally get about 20 to 25 “hits” per day on my blog. But for the last couple of weeks I am getting more than that average. Today I have recieved 87 “hits”. This is from people around the world “Googling” the Kalitta name. First because of the mishap in Brussels , Belgium.

Now because of what happened Saturday.

Scott Kalitta, 46 year old son of Connie Kalitta, died Saturday while driving his NHRA “Funny Car”. It exploded while he was racing at 300 mph.

My family and I send our heart felt condolences to Scott’s family and to my boss Connie Kalitta.

I did have the opportunity to meet Scott Kalitta in 1995 and get his autograph for my son Scott. Scott Kalitta was very accommodating in signing his autograph for my son.


One thought on “>Scott Kalitta

  1. >Oh my gosh! The flooding is terrible! Maybe, you should seriously consider moving Snoopy to another airport! I don’rt think crossing fingers, helps stop the water from rising. Maybe a few prayers.


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