>Cessna 150


We bought a 1976 Cessna 150 last month.

Took Kalliegh up yesterday for a ride. But was bumpy.
I was supposed to go get Westley in Kansas City today, but, just checked weather and the winds across Missouri today are 35 knots (40 mph) from the northwest. So I decided not to fight those strong head winds in an airplane that only goes about 100 knots. If you do the math, that gives me a ground speed of about 65 knots (75 mph). Plus it will be turbulent again today.

So we will drive to Columbia, MO and meet Susan’s sister and Westley there.

These are a couple of pictures I have of the airplane. Will take more later and post.

It has 2 Nav/Comm’s, GPS, Transponder, ADF, heated pitot tube. In other words, IFR (instrument) equipped.

I am adding an electric tachometer, new wing tips with landing and strobe lights, and another ADF (automatic direction finder, AM radio). Also adding wheel pants. Which Shannon’s husband, Frank is working on for me.

Well, got to go get ready to go get my grandson and bring him back home from Spring Break.

One thought on “>Cessna 150

  1. >Pretty bird with a nice panel. If Kalleigh didn’t get sick in the turbulance, maybe she will be the next Amelia…but hopefully she will become a better pilot than Amelia. lol


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